Jo Koy: In His Elements review – comedian brings a Filipino special Celebrating culture.



Netflix special Jo Koy: In His Elements brings a Filipino special in an inclusive, energetic and vibrant stand-up.

Netflix special Jo Koy: In His Elements will be released on the platform on May 12, 2020 — add it to your list.

When a comedian puts a spin on a stand-up it can go either way; there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground. In the case of Jo Koy: In His Elements, the comedian uses his platform in a single hour to celebrate Filipino talents. He breaks away from his setlist to venture down a documentary-type format to raise awareness in the community. There’s an unselfish approach by the comedian as he even breaks his set to bring them on to the stage.

And it works because it is authentic; there’s a real passion for his culture and bringing that inclusivity into his stand-up brings a realness to the material. From DJs to break-dancers to fellow comedians, Jo Koy: In His Elements provides variety. It could be argued that this Netflix special is not a stand-up; it’s a documentary celebrating culture.

And that brings forth another question: what’s the message we gain from Jo Koy: In His Elements? The comedian hints it in the dying seconds — the Netflix special is encouraging everyone, regardless of their background, the colour of their skin, their sexuality or religion, to own their belonging. In a high-paced social media era, we often silo who we are but forget our origin. This stand-up shows the power of culture and the importance of representation, which is now more crucial to our society more than ever.

As for the jokes, they are funny but without disregarding them completely, they feel secondary to the entire experience. Primarily, Jo Koy: In His Elements brings the vibe — it feels like a fun movement ready to burst. There’s so much energy that one hour goes by very quickly.

Netflix special Jo Koy: In His Elements brings a Filipino special in an inclusive, energetic, and vibrant stand-up.

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