Crazy Delicious season 1 review – Netflix brings Channel 4’s cooking concept

June 23, 2020
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Netflix’s Crazy Delicious season 1 is nothing surprising despite the concept that suggests otherwise.

Netflix series Crazy Delicious season 1 will arrive on the platform on June 24, 2020. This review contains zero spoilers on the outcome of winners.

We are used to this now: A cooking show which pits contestants against each other and then presumably there is a winner. The concept is so well-known that Crazy Delicious have decided to make it look as bonkers as possible while maintaining the same format. Netflix has decided to platform Channel 4’s reality show and bring it to a wider audience and I’m not sure if we were begging for it.

Because when I say “bonkers” that’s what Crazy Delicious looks like on the surface. In reality, it is just a cooking show that is glammed up with strange and innovative cooking ideas. The contestants are tasked to find weird and creative meals and to bring forth a cooking theme — whether that is a BBQ or imaginative ways to use bananas. But there’s no hiding from that the fact that production companies are finding different ways to rehash the format and if I’m honest, unless it is teaching us anything new, we don’t really need it.

Okay, BBQ-ing a watermelon to make it look like a roast is particularly interesting but do we require a fairyland setting with the judges (named Gods) attempting to make it sound like a different show? Not at all. And I may sound oddly grumpy but I couldn’t help but cringe at the desperateness of it all. At least the contestants appear genuine and up for the prize (a golden apple) but I’m fairly confident this is not going to land cookbook deals and slight fame like The Great British Bake Off does. Netflix’s Crazy Delicious season 1 is nothing surprising despite the concept that suggests otherwise.

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