Eric Andre: Legalize Everything review – this comedian really loves drugs Apart from salvia.



Netflix’s Eric Andre: Legalize Everything is worth your time even for the energy alone.

Netflix Special Stand-Up Eric Andre: Legalize Everything will be released on the platform on June 23, 2020.

The one thing that you can admire about Eric Andre is his energy. The comedian arrives on stage with all this energy, pent up, ready to explode and… to sweat profusely.

As you can tell by the title Eric Andre: Legalize, the comedian has a core agenda that he exerts in his opening — this man loves drugs and believes all of them should be legal “apart from salvia”. His stories of highs are infectious and set the base of his stand-up, with a strained neck for good measure to get his point across. Eric does not do anything in halves, and as this is my first experience with Eric in stand-up, it was difficult to gauge at first.

And I did question whether I liked Eric’s stand-up style. Comedians that shout and stamp tend to not resonate with me; I prefer a different style that doesn’t require bouncing off the walls on the stage, but once Eric started his routine on the TV series Cops and how reggae music is probably not the best genre to attach to it, due to the violent negligence of BME communities by the police, I was howling.

From here, Eric Andre: Legalize comes together nicely to provide a funny 50 minutes. I always check out the crowd in these Netflix specials to understand if the material is landing; there’s no denying that Eric is hitting the right one-liners here. It’s clear that the comedian trusts his audience to test boundaries — like claiming that Bill Cosby is serving strong drinks at the bar at the venue. Netflix’s Eric Andre: Legalize Everything is worth your time even for the energy alone.

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