Unsolved Mysteries season 1, episode 2 recap – “13 Minutes” What happened in those 13 minutes?

July 1, 2020
Daniel Hart 8
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Unsolved Mysteries season 1, episode 2, “13 Minutes” looks into the peculiar disappearance of Patrice Endres that rocked family and friends and left the police dumbfounded.

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Unsolved Mysteries season 1, episode 2, “13 Minutes” looks into the peculiar disappearance of Patrice Endres that rocked family and friends and left the police dumbfounded.

This recap of Netflix series Unsolved Mysteries season 1, episode 2, “13 Minutes” contains information on the disappearance of Patrice Endres.

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How does Unsolved Mysteries, season 1, episode 2,13 Minutes” open?

Pistol Black, Patrice Endres’ son, explains his last morning with his mother — a normal morning on April 15, 2004; she dropped him off at school. While in biology class he was asked to go to the principal’s office. They asked Pistol to call his mother but there was no answer.

A positive and happy person

Pistol explains that his mother was involved in everything in his life. One day, she became passionate about cutting hair and opened her own salon. Patrice Endres’ friend Nancy says how she was so fun, happy, and positive. Unsolved Mysteries season 1, episode 2, “13 Minutes” has the same kind of theme as the first episode — a strange disappearance.

Little evidence

Rob Endres, Patrice’s husband, met her by having a haircut and felt the luckiest man alive. When they realized that Patrice Endres was missing, the police visited the salon and there wasn’t any evidence to point them in any direction. The police could not announce a kidnapping because there was nothing to suggest anything. The police asked her friend Nancy if Patrice would leave her son but she flat out said no. Two weeks before she disappeared, Patrice Endres asked Pistol where would he go if she disappeared — he didn’t think anything at the time.

13 minutes to account for

The police analyzed Patrice’s appointments and looked at phone records — at 11.50 am she didn’t answer the phone — some customers felt she was unusually distracted and distant that day. There were 13 minutes before 11:37 and 11:50 to account for. A witness saw a Chevy Lumina and SUV outside. The witnesses saw two people outside the salon in front of the cars. One of the witnesses believes the Lumina holds a key to all this.

Friends suggested that Patrice Endres’ husband Rob was very protective and jealous — he felt like he didn’t get enough attention. Pistol suggested that Rob didn’t like the split in attention. Rob claims that Pistol was jealous and out of control, essentially the other way round. Pistol claims that Patrice was considering a divorce two weeks before his mother’s disappearance. Pistol went to live with his father after his mother disappeared. Unsolved Mysteries season 1, episode 2, “13 Minutes” sees a vicious conflict here between husband and the son and it is sad to see.


After weeks had gone by, Gary Hilton became a suspect — he had murdered another woman before, and he didn’t need a motive as he hunts for opportunities. Jeremy Jones also became a suspect as he liked to sexually abuse women — Jeremy talked about Patrice Endres and stated that he kidnapped her. Jeremy recanted his confession and there was no evidence linking him to the kidnap and murder.

How does Unsolved Mysteries, season 1, episode 2,13 Minutes” end?

At school, Pistol was told that they found his mother’s remains — she had been killed. Eyes went back on Rob but he had an alibi based on a receipt. The investigators couldn’t completely eliminate Rob but the chances were low. The investigators still wanted to know what happened in these 13 minutes and are still looking for answers. Rob has her ashes and Pistol has never seen them — Pistol is distraught; he didn’t get anything, no pictures, nothing. Pistol hopes he can be half the person his mother was. Unsolved Mysteries season 1, episode 2, “13 Minutes” looks into the peculiar disappearance of Patrice Endres that rocked family and friends and left the police dumbfounded.

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8 thoughts on “Unsolved Mysteries season 1, episode 2 recap – “13 Minutes”

  • July 2, 2020 at 3:14 am

    It was the husband!! It is either him or he definitely knows who he sent! He had no feelings when talking about her, when talking he was did criminology and thinks he is smarter than the cops. Why does he hate his step son so much, he was just a child and when you love someone you don’t keep ashes in a bag like trash. I would think you would want to put them in a beautiful vase or ash holder. Did he keep her ashes as his little treasure and reminder he go away with it?! *** hole I didn’t like that man at all.

    • July 5, 2020 at 8:35 am

      I agree. I was incensed at that creepy & douchy husband. Changed all the locks the next day when her whereabouts were still unknown. Seems like he knew she was never coming home again. I good detective would have been all over that. Where can we find one. Put husband in prison and while you are at it, get those ashes back to her son, but after you rebag and box them cuz god only knows what he was doing with them in his bed. I hate this man. Grrr…

  • July 3, 2020 at 7:34 am

    I totally agree! She wanted a divorce and either he did it, or knows who did. First, what a jerk, locking the son out days after she died, not letting him get his stuff.
    Then talking about when he went to view her bones, holding her skull and kissing it goodbye! Sleeping with her ashes like a teddy bear! And not like a grieving husband, but like dirty and weird…Wtf? What a psycho!

  • July 4, 2020 at 4:22 am

    Creepy crocodile tears. Having her bones reassembled; picking up her skull, carrying it around and kissing it; who does that? And, he was so proud of himself, like he was normal — made my blood run cold.

  • July 4, 2020 at 6:23 am

    This story is so heartbreaking. Imagine your mother goes missing one moment to the next, she is like ripped away from your life and then your stepdad whom you already can’t stand locks you out And you never go back inside your home . Wow! When the stepdad spoke about the son in such a negative way I literally gasped. How f-ing cruel, he was just a boy. And wait, stepdad supposedly snuggled with the ashes but then he had them in a box, bottom of a closet, that he pried open with a pocket knife and had never seen the actual ashes? Was he hiding them from a new wife out of respect? Was he sleeping with a sealed cardboard box the whole time? Why is this man hoarding her ashes? For Gods sake give that poor boy/man his mothers remains so he can have closure and peace in his heart. It’s not being protective, it’s being possessive.

  • July 6, 2020 at 1:38 am

    The husband definitely did it. You can clearly see he’s a psychopath. Pulls out his wife’s ashes from a closet and takes it out to show everyone. WTF? And how can he be so cruel to the son who was a boy at the time. He’s a sicko. He also bragged about being a criminology major. Hello sociopath!!

  • July 6, 2020 at 2:07 am

    The husband kind of creeped me out too. I thought it was a bit odd how he talked so negatively about Pistol and then locking him out of the house because “he didn’t like him”? You don’t just kick a child out for no reason. That’s stupid.
    What really rubbed me the wrong way was the events that happened after her remains were found. I can understand wanting to have her laid out, but kissing a skull? And then sleeping with her ashes? That’s on par with those creepy stories like that one where the woman poisoned her beau and then slept with the body for decades. That one comment he made was kind of suspicious too. “And yes, I’m protective of Patrice.. And I have her.” Protective of her from what? Her son? Her dad? More like possessive.

    Honestly, I think it would be beneficial to look into the belongings of suspects to see if any of them have her rings. If it was someone close, the husband for example, they might’ve taken the rings as a sentimental memory. But there’s no way of telling if it’s actually the husband if there’s no solid evidence indicating any one person. So who knows.

  • July 7, 2020 at 3:06 pm

    That Husband may not have done but he is still a terrible person. All the ways in which he behaved were just wrong. I could see him keeping her ring like the above poster. The way he talks about the son just makes me want to hug him and tell him how sorry I am that he had to endure such a person.

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