Homemade series review – Netflix presents creative lockdown short films

July 1, 2020
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In a way, it’s beautiful to see how the human mind works during dire times and Homemade encapsulates that.

Netflix series Homemade was released on June 30, 2020.

Ah, the lockdown. It went either of two ways; we either drank and ate ourselves into oblivion with no return or hope of regaining our pre-lockdown bodies, or we used the opportunity of the world collapsing to further ourselves in creative and unpredictable ways. Homemade is the epitome of the latter.

Netflix brings 17 short films that were made during lockdown around the world spanning different countries and languages. It’s an impressive volume of imagination and resourcefulness, knowing the limited space the filmmakers had. Homemade also represents how crazy the lockdown made us, confined to walls that spoke and little ways to find entertainment.

Offering no order whatsoever, Homemade presents stories from couples breaking up in 1-bedroomed apartments to someone having way too of an imagination, constructing a scenario where the Queen and the Pope meet each other in flirtatious circumstances. The Netflix series is real and raw. No-one can argue that the streaming platform does not give creatives opportunities. Netflix has outdone themselves here with this project — this was a superb idea.

And as the lockdown ends and presumably second waves follow, I think it’s expected that we see more creative outlets making their way to streaming platforms. There’s a lot of loneliness and boredom infesting the world at the moment, and this is the result. In a way, it’s beautiful to see how the human mind works during dire times and Homemade encapsulates that.

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