Love on the Spectrum review – a heartwarming dating series highlighting autism and love

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 22, 2020 (Last updated: February 1, 2023)
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Netflix series Love on the Spectrum season 1


Netflix is enjoying romance a lot lately but a reality series that helps to dispel some of the stigma surrounding autism is particularly welcome.

Netflix series Love on the Spectrum season 1 was released on the platform on July 22, 2020.

There’s a common misconception that those on the autism spectrum do not desire relationships and love. This is far from the truth and it’s the misconception that can make it difficult for autistic people to venture in the dating world. Netflix is enjoying romance a lot lately but doing one that centers disabilities is welcomed — they continue to diversify their platform across many genres and themes. It’s encouraging to see.

Like any dating world, it can often be clunky and unpredictable but we take many social interactions for granted. Love on the Spectrum follows seven young adults diving headfirst into the dating pool. All of the adults are on the spectrum facing different social challenges. What’s refreshing is that Netflix removes the stigma that everyone who has autism behaves in the same way — the series is quick to diminish another misconception.

Netflix’s Love on the Spectrum is heartwarming and subtle in its design. Audiences’ hearts will burst when they hear how much these adults are wanting long term companionship. One of the adults, in particular, has already chosen a ring and planned an entire future for a prospective other-half — it’s the little moments in the Netflix series that relay the emotional aspect.

And of course, the theme is autism so dating is routinely not as simple; a dating expert joins the series and gets to know each young adult and their views on love and relationships. The expert also helps them with social cues and intimately boosts their confidence before an important date. Love on the Spectrum season 1 is not like the seen-before reality show with all the superficiality, there’s a genuine attempt at compatibility and simply getting to know each other. Viewers will and should welcome this — anyone should have the opportunity to love, regardless of background and circumstances.

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