Does Reginald Hargreeves plan to kill President Kennedy in The Umbrella Academy season 2?

July 31, 2020
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This article “Does Reginald Hargreeves plan to kill President Kennedy in The Umbrella Academy season 2?” contains important spoilers. 

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In Season 2 there’s a big question mark on the assassination of President Kennedy — a crucial moment in history. When Five and the family look at the Frankel footage, it becomes apparent that their father could have been involved. There are plenty of question marks and the second season takes a while to clear up what actually happened until the dying embers. But does Reginald Hargreeves plan to kill President Kennedy in The Umbrella Academy season 2?

The secret committee

In Episode 4 of Season 2, we learn that Reginald is part of a secret, shadow government called the Majestic Twelve; it’s a secret committee with scientists, military and the deep state. Five starts to believe that Reginald is the twelfth member and the family start spying on their own father. Grace is also suspicious and asks Reginald directly if he intends harm on President Kennedy, which he denies.

Do the family confront him about it?

There is a strange scene where Reginald invites the family for supper to ask who they are. The family, in turn, ask him if he intends to hurt the President and again, just like with Grace, he insists he does not intend to hurt President Kennedy and that in time, they will know the truth.

What other evidence suggests that Reginald planned President Kennedy’s assassination?

Well, there are actual plans that the family get hold of belonging to Reginald; Grace also rummages through them before directing her accusations — the plans looks very suspicious and points the finger at Reginald.

So did he orchestrate it?

President Kennedy is assassinated in Season 2 and all eyes point towards Reginald. However, after the assassination, Reginald speaks to the Majestic Twelve and he is very disappointed that they harmed the President. He accuses the Majestic Twelve of lying to him but they insist that Kennedy needed to go — it’s strange because Reginald did use a decoy that helped the shooting. There’s plenty of mention by the Majestic Twelve that Reginald was providing the shadow government with rocket plans to beat the Russians to the moon — they also reference how Reginald will not be interested in the dark side of the moon in five, six years time.

The men also threaten Reginald, stating that if he does not continue to supply the rocket technology, then they will show the whole world who he truly is. Reginald shows his true alien form and presumably kills them all.

So no, Reginald did not plan President Kennedy’s assassination.

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