The Umbrella Academy season 2, episode 4 recap – “The Majestic 12”

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 31, 2020
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Who is Lila in The Umbrella Academy season 2 - Netflix series


Episode 4 enjoys going into the depths of 60s, rummaging through oppressed themes while exploring Reginald’s past.

This recap of Netflix series The Umbrella Academy season 2, episode 4, “The Majestic 12” contains significant spoilers.

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How does The Umbrella Academy season 2, episode 4, ‘The Majestic 12″ open?

It begins in 1993 London, England. A man kills a couple in a house and The Handler oversees the operation. While scouting the house she finds a young Lila and she takes her under her wing, training her for missions. In the core story, The Handler wants Lila to protect Five as he means more to her alive. Lila asks about the three blonde men and The Handler reveals they were sent as muscle men. So that’s how Lila and The Handler met. Season 2 is not messing around for answers.

Five missed something out

Luther wakes up, beaten up from his fight. Vanya gives him a cloth so he can wipe down his blood and explains that Five told her most of the story but she senses that he left something out. She asks Luther what caused the apocalypse — he explains that she did but it wasn’t all her fault — “It’s complicated”. Jack then arrives, angry that Luther lost the fight on purpose and he tells him he is done. Vanya heads back to the farm and she’s angry at Five for keeping secrets from her — he wants assurances from his sister that she’ll help when the time comes. The dynamic is different with Vanya’s fractured memory. It’s almost reset the story.

Where’s Raymond

Allison is ringing around looking for Raymond — he didn’t come home. She’s worried that Raymond won’t return because she used her powers. Klaus tells her a fable to try and reassure her that everything will be okay but there is no point in the story. Ah, typical Klaus.

A secret committee

Five tells Diego and Lila that he knows where his father will be at night and passes them a note– “Hoyt Hillenkoetter and the Consulate General of Mexico in Dallas cordially invite you to a gala”. Elliot gets excited, stating that Hillenkoetter is one of the Majestic Twelve that’s a secret committee with scientists, military and the deep state — a shadow government. Five reckons his father will be the twelfth member of the Majestic Twelve. Meanwhile, Vanya returns to the farm and Sissy is so relieved that she’s back and wants to know what happened. They have such a bond, it’s great to see.

Do not enlist in the military

Klaus meets Dave again at a cafe and claims that he knows him but tells him to not enlist in the military because many will die for no reason in the Vietnam war. Dave’s father Brian tells his son to “hit the queer” so Dave gets up and punches Klaus in the face. Season 2 is doing plenty to take on oppression and discrimination in a different time and they are tackling it with respect, highlighting how nonsensical folk used to be.

Explain Allison

It’s getting awkward for Allison in The Umbrella Academy season 2, episode 4 as she feels ousted. Allison learns that the activists are having a meeting without her. Raymond wants to talk to her outside — he thinks she is working with the FBI or the police. Allison tries to make out she begged the policeman not to hurt her husband but Raymond does not believe her and heads back inside.

Klaus gives up sobriety

Klaus is upset about Dave so decides to give up three years of sobriety — Ben is concerned and tells him it is a mistake but Klaus does not care and drinks to his heart’s content. When he returns to his mansion, his cult following is there and they chase after him. Meanwhile, Diego, Lila, and Five sneak into The Mexican Consulate. As they head in, Five tells Lila that he doesn’t trust her. This scene shows that Five is an old wise man in a young body — he always senses bullsh*t.

Allison and Luther reunite

Allison finds Luther and hugs him — he’s taken back in seeing her again. Luther congratulates Allison for her marriage and states he is glad she wasn’t alone — Allison justifies meeting someone, claiming she needed something to hold on to and Raymond gave her that. Eventually, the conversation eases and becomes natural but then Luther mentions doomsday. What a way to ruin a moment big man!

Diego meets mom

At The Mexican Consulate, Lila and Diego romantically dance and they enjoy each other’s company. Diego is then distracted as he sees his mother. He approaches her and calls her “Mom” but then realizes she is real (not a robot) and is on a date with his father Sir Reginald Hargreeves. Diego is not the brightest tool in the box, failing to realize that it’s years before his experiences with his family.

Harlan flees

Sissy is worried about Vanya who tells her she can’t stay at the farm — she wants to keep her safe and go somewhere. Harlan overhears the conversation and runs outside. Both women head outside to look for him. When Vanya reaches a small lake, she fears the worst and starts using her powers to lift the lake water. Harlan is at the bottom so she lifts him out and starts resuscitating him. Her powers bring him back to life. Clearly, this scene is emotional but it demonstrates that Vanya can use her powers for good.

When they return to the farm, Sissy is very upset so Vanya comforts her and makes her laugh. She then tells Sissy that she should leave. Sissy says it is hard when your man doesn’t see you and your son doesn’t listen to you — “Life gets small”. Sissy kisses Vanya and she accepts it. Vanya has found herself a romance in times where it is not the norm for two women to be romantic.

How does The Umbrella Academy season 2, episode 4, ‘The Majestic 12″ end?

Five listens in to a secret meeting at The Mexican Consulate and it seems they are planning to kill President Kennedy but Reginald Hargreeves believes it is ill-timed. His father hears Five in the room so he teleports out of it but then he ends up in a fight with one of the blonde-haired men. One of the other blonde men starts strangling Diego. Lila has a choice, help Diego or Five — she has to help Five as per The Handler’s instruction which gives her true face away. Diego manages to get out of the strangulation and fights the blonde-haired man and wins. Five shouts at his father something in Greek before he drives off. Episode 4 enjoys going into the depths of the 60s, rummaging through oppressed themes while exploring Reginald’s past.

Additional points
  • Lila tells The Handler that she doesn’t want to kill Diego.
  • While at The Mexican Consulate, Diego asks Lila where she went the night before. She gives a convincing story.
  • A drunk Klaus goes to Allison’s place and he is absolutely wasted. She gives him the couch. Allison kindly gives him a cover as he falls asleep.
  • After getting kicked out of his apartment, Luther does laughing gas with Elliott

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