The Umbrella Academy season 2, episode 7 recap – “Oga for Oga”

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 31, 2020 (Last updated: 2 days ago)
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Netflix series The Umbrella Academy season 2, episode 7 - Oga for Oga


Episode 7 is predictable but in a fun and crazy way as the characters bamboozle to their objectives, knowing full well they don’t have enough time.

This recap of Netflix series The Umbrella Academy season 2, episode 7, “Oga for Oga” contains significant spoilers.

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How does The Umbrella Academy season 2, episode 7, ‘Oga for Oga” open?

Five is now in 1982, carrying out his plans to assassinate the Commission board. He ends up getting frustrated with a vending machine and smashes it before heading inside the conference room, grabbing an ax and killing the board members — he destroys The New Handler’s goldfish bowl attached to his head and grabs the fish — the fish is The New Handler, just in case anyone was wondering. Strange, I know.

Let’s talk about ground rules

Ben is waiting for Klaus to fall asleep so he can take over his body. The pair talk about the powerlessness of being unable to change things. Ben wants to talk to Gill via Klaus’s body so they set ground rules. Ben enjoys having a body — the fresh air is sweet and he manages to spend time with Jill.

Carl is on to them

At the farm, Carl is acting strange around Vanya and Sissy. He wants Vanya to give him a ride to work. Meanwhile, Raymond is making progress and has Kennedy’s attention — Allison is distracted but she welcomes the news. You have to feel sorry for Allison at this stage — she found purpose, love and meaning and it all came crashing down very suddenly.

90 minutes

Five meets The Handler and she’s delighted that he managed to pull off the assassination — Five says he is done with all the killing and did it for his family. She gives him a briefcase that gives Five 90-minutes to use it and bring his family back to 2019. Five doesn’t believe 90-minutes is enough time and he’s agitated by this revelation — The Handler proves to be manipulative, just like she was in Season 1. She’s a great character.  Meanwhile, Luther and Diego have mistaken “Öga for Öga” for a name and ring a random woman and threaten her. Five states that it means “eye for an eye”. Luther and Diego are literally like Dumb and Dumber.

The Handler assumes control

At The Commission, The Handler makes an announcement that all the board members have been assassinated and a full investigation will be underway. She assumes control of the organization. It’s purely a dictatorship now, fuelled by power and ambition, The Umbrella Academy has turned The Handler into the ultimate villain. Meanwhile, Five tells Luther and Diego that everything will be back to normal if they use the briefcase back to 2019. Diego asks about his father and President Kennedy but Five says it doesn’t matter and that Lila doesn’t care about him — harsh words by Five.

You’re a disease

The Umbrella Academy season 2, episode 7 sees Carl finally snap and lay down his ultimatum.

Carl takes Vanya to a random farm and starts talking about hoof and mouth disease and how at one time it spread — he’s hinting that because Vanya is a lesbian that she’s a disease. He threatens to take Harlan away because he believes the situation is not good for him. Carl says he won’t need to take Harlan away if she leaves for good. Vanya has a choice to make.

We have to go back

Luther tells Allison that they need to go back to 2019 and everything will be okay. Allison is worried about losing people again and she’s not sure she can go back. Luther states the best trait of the family is to risk everything to save everything. Raymond catches them hugging and asks what’s wrong because Allison is crying. With little time left, it gets more painful for Allison.

Enjoying time with Jill

Meanwhile, Ben (in Klaus’s body) continues to spend time with Jill and she asks if he’d like to have sex. When Ben says he’s a virgin she reminds him of the threesome they had with her and Keechie — Klaus you dirty dog! Diego then turns up and tells them about returning to 2019. He realizes that Ben is inside Klaus’s body and he is happy to talk to him again. Ben wants 10 more minutes so Diego tells him to meet him at Elliott’s place as soon as possible. As we reach the halfway point, it’s evident that this is not going to go well — the chapter works by knowing it won’t go well.

I have to say goodbye first

Five tells Vanya that they need to go back to 2019. Vanya is upset and wants to bring Sissy and Harlan back with them but Five says they can’t as everyone is significant — the pair argue, blaming each other for the apocalypse in an intense back and forth. Vanya threatens him with her powers but then says “Fine” but she wants to say goodbye to Sissy and Harlan first. In many circumstances, Vanya does have the ability to cool her anger, thus controlling her powers.

Lila drugs Diego

Lila tries to speak to Diego but he tells her he’s going to try and forget about her. She realizes Diego is burying Elliott and Lila tells Diego that she’ll miss sharing Elliott’s bed with him. Lila gives him a swig of his drink and Diego collapses — is this man the dumbest person ever? It was obvious what she was doing.

We will remember each other

Allison asks Raymond to come with him but he believes his part of the fight for civil justice is in this timeline. The pair promise to remember each other in an emotional scene. The Swedes arrive and attack Allison. Meanwhile, Vanya tells Sissy that they need to leave because Carl knows about them both. It’s now or never for the prospective couple.

How does The Umbrella Academy season 2, episode 7, ‘Oga for Oga” end?

As the episode draws near the end, Allison and Raymond’s lives are in danger as The Swedes fight them; Klaus fights to get his body back. Five and Luther are worried about where the others are. Allison uses her powers on The Swedes so one kills the other. As Vanya and Sissy head out, there’s a police car blockade — Sissy left a note for Carl. Lila introduces Diego to The Handler as her boyfriend.

So it looks like they failed; Luther and Five are furious that they failed to save the world — “We were that close”. One of the police officers who is the brother-in-law asks Vanya and Sissy to get out of the car. Vanya used her powers on a couple of officers but then she’s knocked out by one of them. Episode 7 is predictable but in a fun and crazy way as the characters bamboozle to their objectives, knowing full well they don’t have enough time.

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