Sam Jay: 3 In The Morning review – she tells it how it is and there’s no playing around

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 4, 2020 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
netflix stand-up special Sam Jay: 3 In The Morning


As far as stand-up debutants go, Sam Jay: 3 In The Morning is as fresh at it gets.

Netflix stand-up special Sam Jay: 3 In The Morning will be out on the platform on August 4, 2020.

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Once again, Netflix has introduced me to a new comedian and once again, I am not grumbling. If the platform can ever be justified, expanding our palates for talent is a certified pro. Welcome Sam Jay, a comedian that I’ve never heard of before but her association with Saturday Night Live and Jimmy Kimmel cannot be ignored. and according to trusted Wikipedia, this is her first hour-long special and it’s on Netflix — talk about losing your virginity. The good news is Sam Jay: 3 In The Morning is a witty, attitude-filled debut that will make you laugh from start to finish.

Sam Jay’s perspective is one that does not play around — she’s not here to skirt around the edges. The comedian talks openly with no shortcuts about when she realized she was gay. Her sketch about her experience with men is as raw as it gets. Sam brings a realistic scenario of when she first got her taste of women and how she then realized that sex was meant to be enjoyed, not a job. 3 In The Morning feels like an outlet rather than a series of jokes, and for her first-ever hour-long special, the audience appears to be lapping it up.

Sam Jay: 3 In The Morning spends a lot of material on her long term partner, mostly complaining of how annoying she is but caveating it with “I love her though” to then bringing up the demons of taking a flight together. Sam Jay’s logic around the fear of flying planes hits hard — if you are an overthinker, then this segment is as relatable as they come.

As Sam gets to the third act, she discusses at length about white people — how they all seem to be preparing for the end of the world that black people do not know about. Why is Elon Musk trying to travel to space himself without NASA or government permission? Her sketch on white man ambition is one that can be applauded for feeling original.

But what’s admirable about Sam Jay: 3 In The Morning is that the comedian is honest about her political views; she admits she is exhausted by the left thinking at a thousand miles per hour and that certain aspects of the #MeToo movement took it too far — she links this to a joke of Aziz Ansari and ponders why the woman didn’t just slap the weak man.

As far as stand-up debutants go, Sam Jay: 3 In The Morning is as fresh as it gets.

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