Little Birds season 1, episode 5 recap – picking a side

August 5, 2020
Jonathon Wilson 1
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Lucy seizes some agency in Little Birds episode 5, and the finale has some work to do in closing off her arc.

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As we reach the penultimate episode of Little Birds, we find Hugo increasingly panicked, begging Grant for help with the deal. Hugo needs to pony up cash himself, but he no longer has the advance and can’t afford anything else; Grant is naturally fuming.

Speaking of fuming: Vaney. He spends some time torturing Leo in Little Birds episode 5, but the victim laughs his way through it. That’s a difficult thing for a torturer to deal with, you understand, so Vaney sulks off, leaving him to it.

Back at the Contessa’s mansion, Lucy tries to apologize for causing Chico’s death, but the Contessa’s having none of that and sees her out. Lili, who overhears, decides to leave too. Later, Lucy creates some modern artwork with Barman Bill, but she deduces he’s a spy in short order. When she returns home she finds Hugo, blind drunk, and passed out on the floor having failed to commit suicide with Lucy’s pill bottle. He’s in over his head, as he admits.

Lucy, then, takes matters into her own hands. She pays off the Irishman at the docks with her wedding ring. And she pushes Bill on what he’s up to – turns out he’s keeping an eye on her father, who has been selling arms to anyone who’ll have them, and Bill wants to know whose side she’s on. She doesn’t answer for now.

Meanwhile, Cherifa walks straight into a trap set by Vaney. She’s trying to save Leo by admitting the truth of what happened to Frederic, but when she turns on Vaney with the gun she took from the Contessa’s mansion, he’s expecting the move and has one of his own. He shoots Leo and his own supposedly traitorous right-hand man.

As Little Birds season 1, episode 5 closes, we learn that Lucy and Bill have set a trap for her father, so a side has been chosen after all. It’s a big moment for Lucy, who has always been akin to a possession for the men in her life; this gives her some real agency and gives the finale some responsibility in closing her arc in a satisfying way.

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1 thought on “Little Birds season 1, episode 5 recap – picking a side

  • August 8, 2020 at 12:39 pm


    I wonder why you didn’t say a word, in you recap about the 2 very important scenes of Adham in the cafe with Aziz?
    it’s about arab identity, nationalism, anticolonialism and (self) love… so important… and it’s two people of colour having the screen only for themselves for a long time and talking about themeselves….

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