The New Legends of Monkey season 2, episode 6 recap – “Gladiators”

August 7, 2020
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“Gladiators” is all over the place — the only saving grace is the fight at the end.

This recap of Netflix series The New Legends of Monkey season 2, episode 6, “Gladiators” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening of The New Legends of Monkey season 2, episode 6, “Gladiators”

Episode 6 opens up with Kaedo Zef with the Harvesters — he isn’t dead! He fights himself away from the Harvesters but then the Demons show up and ask him where the Monkey King is. Sandy tries to offer Pigsy mushrooms but he’s feeling too queasy after his experiences with what he ate in the previous episode. Meanwhile, a kid shows Monkey and Tripitaka where the Demons are — they see a family who are hostages — Sandy and Pigsy are not there. Monkey thinks they should pretend to be humans and the pair dress up differently.

Sandy “offers” services

Pigsy and Sandy are caught by armed soldiers and Sandy pretends to work for General Khan’s army and offers her services as a cook. She tells Pigsy that they are looking for Monkey so it will lead them back to them both. The army asks Pigsy to cook something with mushrooms which does not help his gag reflex at all.  Meanwhile, Monkey (pretending to be a human) approaches the demon army and tells them he would like to join — he preaches that he loves Gorm. The roleplaying from Tripitaka and Monkey is terrible but the demon army seems to buy it. It’s an on-the-nose comedy but it seems to work for all intents and purposes.

Fight each other

The demon army pairs up the humans and asks them to fight each other until death. Tripitaka refuses to fight. One of the demons tries to cut off Monkey’s head but he punches him and he’s surprised by his strength. General Khan stops the commotion and asks for the new recruits but the other General (Dreglon) refuses. General Khan asks Tripitaka and Monkey questions and asks about their parents and where they’ve come from. Dreglon does not want to give Monkey and Tripitaka up which causes tension with Khan.

The ending of The New Legends of Monkey season 2, episode 6, “Gladiators”

Tripitaka, Pigsy, Sandy, and Monkey are finally reunited. Dreglon and Khan arrange a fight between Monkey and one of the Red Guards to settle a squabble — winner takes all. Tripitaka tells Monkey to fight like a human. His opponent is Kaedo Zef which changes everything — Tripitaka tells Monkey not to hurt him. The pair fights and Monkey tries to not hurt him.

Monkey is allowing his pride to get the best of him so Tripitaka uses ancient language to stop him from fighting. Kaedo Zef wins and General Khan announces that the Blue Hand works for her.

Episode 6 is all over the place — the only saving grace is the fight at the end.

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