Ted Lasso season 1, episode 3 recap – what happened in “Trent Crimm: The Independent”

August 14, 2020
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Episode 3 reveals Ted’s coaching skills trying to shine through as he has an entire town to prove.

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Episode 3 reveals Ted’s coaching skills trying to shine through as he has an entire town to prove.

This recap of Apple TV+s Ted Lasso season 1, episode 3, “Trent Crimm: The Independent” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening of Ted Lasso season 1, episode 3, “Trent Crimm: The Independent”

Rebecca wakes up and appears happy about taking on the day. She storms into the office, looks inside the newspaper, and doesn’t see any news story on Ted and Keeley so rings Higgins. Ted then walks into the office and gives her the biscuits which she bites into straight away. He’s still trying to form a bond but she keeps insisting she’s too busy.

Nate’s tactics

While Ted talks about tactics to Beard, Nate nervously brings some ideas. Ted decides to use Nate’s strategy to see if it works.

Keeley frets over the press story that has been held

Keeley wants to speak to Ted about the photo that was going to be leaked into the press. She’s managed to hold the story until Monday but they need to do something about it. Ted is already fighting against the town who is already against him and this is added pressure.

I’ll remove the story

Ted and Keeley go to Rebecca about the photo. Rebecca offers to go to The Sun and get the story removed. Higgins tells Rebecca that Keeley will be able to track the story back to her and reminds his boss that he isn’t a spy.

Training and influence

In training, Nate’s new tactic works. Ted also wants to get his players fit so asks them to try to beat him as he runs around the pitch. Back in the changing room, he gives all the players a gift — a book each. Roy talks to Ted and tells him that Nate is being harassed by Jamie and his sidekicks every day. Ted states he’s not going to do anything which Roy is irritated about — Ted tells Beard that he’s ruffling feathers on purpose so Roy starts leading and influencing.

And it works, Roy confronts Jamie about Nate. Ted’s psychology is beginning to take place.

A profile on Ted

Rebecca tells Ted that the owner of The Sun has agreed to not run the story and in return, Ted has to do a profile with Trent Crimm from The Independent.

Trent comes to watch training; Ted tells Jamie to run decoy but he isn’t happy about it. Trent asks where Ted got his latest play from and learns it was from kitman Nate. The journalist does not look impressed but the story is building this picture that Ted is building a community to get results and that means everyone contributes.

Angry Roy

Back in the changing room, Roy gets annoyed at players bullying Nate; he walks outside and looks for Jamie and sees Keeley. Roy tells her he doesn’t like being manipulated but she manages to make him angry and belittle him. There’s certainly something between these two.

School tour

Ted invites Trent to go to a school to see the kids. He gives a speech to the kids who have just won a junior championship and introduces Roy to the stage. Roy invites the kids to play football on the pitch. After the visit to the school, Roy tells Ted he’s sick of the manipulations and states he is counting down the days until he’s fired.

Hot food

Afterward, Trent and Ted go for Indian; Ted has never had Indian food before which means his mouth is on fire with every bite. Trent tells Ted that what he is doing is irresponsible for the town and the club. Ted gives a speech that just like Trent loves writing, he loves coaching and he wants the players to be the best versions of themselves. Ted is charming Trent and the journalist doesn’t like it that he’s enjoying the conversation. Ted is a very likable person.

The ending of Ted Lasso season 1, episode 3, “Trent Crimm: The Independent

As the episode ends, Higgins reads the profile of Ted to Rebecca that will be in the newspaper. The start of the article is not positive but then it turns complimentary — Trent feels Ted will fail but with his leadership skills, whether right or wrong, he cannot help root for him and he will not gloat when he leaves. Rebecca hears the end of the article and says “F*ck!”. Her entire plan to dismantle the club to get back at her husband is so far failing. Episode 3 reveals Ted’s coaching skills trying to shine through as he has an entire town to prove.

Additional points
  • Keeley thanks Rebecca for getting rid of the story. She states she isn’t scared of Rebecca anymore and finds her relatable.

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