Stranger season 2, episode 2 recap – police and prosecutors plan against each other

August 16, 2020
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Episode 2 brings plenty of complexities as investigative rights are at the top of the agenda.

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Episode 2 brings plenty of complexities as investigative rights are at the top of the agenda.

This recap of K-drama Netflix series Stranger season 2, episode 2 contains spoilers.

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The opening of Stranger season 2, episode 2

Si-mok looks over the social media photos and then tries ringing prosecutor Ryu Si-yeong. It’s clear that the character has a hunch. As for Yeo-jin, on the news, it is revealed that the high ranking officer who leaked information about a case was Director Kim Myeong-han, the Senior Superintendent General of the Intelligence Bureau. When Yeo-jin gets to work, the director is getting escorted out of the building. Chief Choi rings Assistant Chief Woo Tae-ha and informs him of the situation. It always feels like there’s something bubbling already in Season 2.

Special treatment

Yeo-jin rings Si-mok and learns of the non-prosecution deposition for the drownings. Si-mok seems unimpressed by the situation. Yeo-jin cannot believe the special treatment surrounding the case.

Meeting the father and throwing shade in the media

Choi meets the father of one of the boys who have drowned and offers her condolences. She returns the boy’s shoes and the father is upset, asking if it can be reinvestigated. Choi claims it’s very unlikely the case can be reopened. Choi then does a press conference and criticizes the prosecution, claiming if investigative rights do not change, special treatment will continue to happen. This felt like a strange scene where condolences were then followed by a press conference.

A promotion

Si-mok heads to the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office to meet Chief Woo Tae-ha. He tells Si-mok about the complaints against the prosecution and asks him to join the Police-Prosecution Council and join the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office — it’s a promotion. When Si-mok gets home he researches Woo Tae-ha.

Meeting Kang Won-chul

The next day Si-mok meets Prosecutor Kang Won-chul for a talk. He congratulates Si-mok for reaching the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office and states the Police chose him to advise — he reckons Chief Choi recommended him. Si-mok asks if the drowning case intervention was special treatment. Kang Won-chul states in order to prove a crime, they’d need to prove it was because the restriction rope had been cut which led to the deaths. Si-mok argues back, stating that the immature couple now thinks they can do whatever they can. There are some hefty mind games going on in this episode.

Get a lawyer

Kang Won-chul throws a curveball and tells Si-mok to get a lawyer — he drops him a file and states that the report claims that they colluded with the deceased and glorified a murderer in return for information on Hanjo’s corrupt deeds. He then continues with the report that criminal Lee Chang-jun had no way out and had no choice but to take his own life and states that Si-mok cut him a deal, knowing that his life was at stake just to make a contribution. Kang Won-chul vows to take down Hanjo for insulting the deceased and Sungmoon will be next. Si-mok asks why he doesn’t just hand them over to the central office; Kang Won-chul explains that Hanno HQ is under their jurisdiction and he’s done so much work for it. Si-mok leaves, claiming it’s his first day at work so he’s busy.

This relationship moving forward could go anywhere.

Bad press

In the newspapers, Lee Yeon-jae is getting accused of using her husband to bring down family members. She’s infuriated by the articles. She picks up an article that says “Lee Chang-jun’s death glorified by his Prosecutor Colleague. Did Chairwoman Lee Yeo-jae really not know?”.

Finding out the truth

Stranger season 2, episode 2 sees a lawyer wanting to get his hands dirty.

Lawyer Dong-jae meets Woo Tae-ha about Chief Choi — he brings up Park Gwang-su who died in 2018 and the autopsy stated he died of a heart attack and his wife made an objection, stating her husband would never drink and drive — this information wasn’t mentioned in the report he received despite implications that there may have been a DUI. He’s implying that Chief Choi manipulated the information — Dong-jae tells Woo Tae-ha that he can find out the truth being the misinformation — “Why was a common illness covered up?”

Dong-jae believes that the police are trying to overpower the prosecutors. He tells Woo Tae-ha that if anything goes wrong, the responsibility will lie with him. He reckons he has evidence that citizens do not get the right service when investigative rights lay with the police.


Woo Tae-ha tells Si-mok and co that they will have a fight on their hands when it comes to the reformation. Chief Choi is holding a similar meeting, strategizing for the reformation. She asks Yeo-jin to get someone who is a similar rank to her. Woo Tae-ha wants Kim Sa-hyun on their team to give them an advantage as he works with the National Assembly so naturally knows a lot of members. Episode 2 offers plenty of politics and governance.

The go-ahead

Woo Tae-ha rings Dong-jae and we assume he’s given the go-ahead to find the truth on Chief Choi as he’s excitable when the phone call ends.

Yeo-jin and Si-mok meet and have dinner together — Si-mok asks Yeo-jin if she’s working at the Investigative Procedure Reformation Unit. She insists she is and asks Si-mok what work he’s doing at the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office — he reveals he’s in the Criminal Legislative Division and there’s a slight silence. Yeo-jin asks Si-mok if he’s joining the Police-Prosecution Council and she’s a little shocked, stating he’s the youngest prosecutor there.

They then talk about the drowning case and Si-mok believes the families received settlement money which is why it went away so quickly. Si-mok then gets an important phone call and has to leave; Yeo-jin tells him to go and raises how they’ll be seeing more of each other.

The ending of Stranger season 2, episode 2

Si-mok meets Woo Tae-ha and Dong-jae. They tell him to sit. Dong-jae insists he cannot work alone but Woo Tae-ha wants them to work together. Episode 2 brings plenty of complexities to the K-drama as investigative rights are at the top of the agenda.

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