DeMarcus Family Rules review – Netflix introduces a new family reality show Oh to be a wealthy family.



DeMarcus Family Rules is an atypical wealthy family reality series — it’s not special but there’s also nothing to grumble at.

Netflix’s reality series DeMarcus Family Rules season 1 will be released on the platform on August 19th, 2020.

I could not say I knew who Jay DeMarcus is before watching DeMarcus Family Rules but apparently he is a big deal; a lead bassist for the country-pop group Rascal Flatts. And then this brings me to his wife — Allison Alderson who is a TV host and beauty queen. The married couple has decided to open their home lives to the cameras and thrust it on to Netflix. The Kardashian era continues in many different forms and streaming is prone to the reality obsession.

But I will not grumble too much despite my tendencies for Film & TV not leaning towards reality; DeMarcus Family Rules feels artificially recorded but the family seems to be the routine family you’d expect. They are too busy, the kids are little sh*ts and the couple has zero genuine time to enjoy romance together, with sex getting debated as they prop their pillows for bed.

DeMarcus Family Rules relies solely on the dysfunctionality of the family and there is no intention to sell them as the perfect image to what a nuclear set-up should look like. The Netflix series gives insight into the life of a high-flying entertainment couple; it’s not as simple as it looks or desires. Your life is constantly busy and having a family wedged in between feels like an added hindrance rather than a joy to behold. Even in the first episode, the discussion of having a third child brought horror to Allison’s eyes. While Jay gallivants the country, touring, she takes the pain of juggling career and family life.

Netflix’s DeMarcus Family Rules does benefit from Jay’s enthusiasm. He clearly enjoys the camera but at the same time, he evidently loves his family dearly and it shines through the screen. I often enjoyed the banter between him and his wife as they battle with the day to day troubles a wealthy entertainment family brings. Usual relatable oddities like mothers-in-law and constantly being badgered during private and downtime is something that will resonate with many people.

But make no mistake, DeMarcus Family Rules season 1 is an atypical wealthy family reality series — it’s not special but there’s also nothing to grumble at.

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