Does Dr. Linda have another child in Lucifer season 5?

August 21, 2020
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This article “Does Dr. Linda have another child in Lucifer season 5?” contains important and major spoilers. 

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With Maze upset over her mother Lilith in season 5, a huge truth is planted on to the audience — another secret is revealed.

Why is Maze upset over her mother?

When Maze finally meets her mother, she is not interested in seeing her — the abandonment has deeply hurt Maze and it impacts her character for most of part 1 of season 5. When she sees Linda about it, a truth is revealed that we were not expecting.

What’s the secret?

Linda reveals that she understands what Lilith is going through because she can relate. She reveals that when she was younger, she had a baby girl rather unexpectedly and left the child in the hospital so the authorities had no choice but to put the baby up for adoption. Not a day goes by where she does not think about the child and she still loves her dearly. Maze does not react well to this news, comparing Linda’s actions to Lilith’s in an emotional episode.

Maze knows where she lives

Unexpectedly, Maze knows where Linda’s long lost daughter lives and they go visit her. Linda is overwhelmed and does not reveal that she’s her mother despite Maze encouraging her to tell her the truth. Linda does not believe her situation is the same as Lilith’s but Maze obviously disagrees.

Does anyone else know about this secret?

Apparently not. This secret is kept between Maze and Linda throughout part 1 of season 5, however, we’d expect this plot to develop in the second part. Undoubtedly, Linda will have to face her daughter properly eventually.

Does Maze forgive Linda?

Although technically there’s nothing to forgive, you do get a sense that Maze comes to terms with what Linda did. It’s evidently a sore spot for Maze so she will be feeling conflicted. So does Dr. Linda have another child in Lucifer season 5? The answer is yes.

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