Ted Lasso season 1, episode 4 recap – what happened in “For the Children”

August 21, 2020
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“For the Children” sees some characters figure themselves out as friction in the group becomes clearer.

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“For the Children” sees some characters figure themselves out as friction in the group becomes clearer.

This recap of Apple TV+s Ted Lasso season 1, episode 4, “For the Children” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening of Ted Lasso season 1, episode 4, “For the Children”

AFC Richmond is losing again and team morale is low. Jamie rips into Sam — Roy confronts Jamie and they have a scuffle. Ted stops it and says it’s half time. But they scuffle again as Jamie calls Roy “Grandad”. The team is divided and Ted wants to try and solve it.

The new charity dinner

There’s also a charity dinner for underprivileged children arranged at the club and Rebecca asks Ted to bring a plus one — he says he’s bringing Nate. On the way into the dinner, Rebecca wants to look confident in front of the paparazzi. Ted compliments her when she arrives. At the dinner, Ted makes sure Roy and Jamie are on the same table and asks them to speak on their issues. He tells them both to find common ground. Rebecca has to give a speech and Ted gives her advice to make fun of herself. He nearly digs himself his own hole.

The speech

Rebecca makes a joke to warm things up. Rupert (her ex) turns up and interrupts the speech which is a little awkward. As part of the charity dinner, people can bid for time with the players. At the dinner table, Roy keeps teasing Jamie, and Keeley laughs. Jamie walks off upset. Ted states that Roy used to be like Jamie at 23; this seems to resonate with Roy. Episode 3 is seeing Ted trying to still influence the players to sort themselves out.

An introduction

Rebecca introduces Ted to Rupert. Rupert asks Rebecca if she believes in Ted and there’s an awkward silence before she says yes. There’s a noticeable tension.

Auctioning Jamie

Rupert announces Jamie as the first person to be auctioned. Keeley gets jealous as another younger woman keeps bidding on him — Keeley keeps outbidding until she wins. Jamie is turning into a bit of d*ck.

I’m alone

Outside of the venue, Ted asks Rebecca if she’s okay. Rebecca is upset that she’s now alone, just like Rupert said she would be if she left. Ted hugs her and she accepts it. The story confirms how Rupert was manipulative. Ted seems to have cheered her up.

Player heart to heart

Roy has a heart to heart with Jamie at the bar and they both admit how they feel about each other as team players. They both accept each other’s criticism. Ted confronts Rupert about the reason Robbie Williams didn’t show up at the charity event; he believes Rupert asked Robbie not to come.

Sneaky Jamie

In the bathroom, Rebecca tells Keeley that Jamie invited the woman who bid for him as his other plus one. Keeley seems to accept what Jamie has done but Rebecca talks about accountability. When Keeley confronts Jamie about it, he claims it’s for the brand having two women bid on him.

The ending of Ted Lasso season 1, episode 4, “For the Children

Roy is next to be auctioned and Keeley is annoyed that Jamie is being smug so bids on him. She gets up and puts the middle finger up at Jamie and walks out. Rupert then donates one million pounds to help Rebecca get over her goal. She then sees Rupert speak to Jamie’s other plus one.

Ted brings an unknown artist from the street called Cam Cole (check out his Instagram!) and asks Rebecca to introduce him to the charity dinner. The artist is good and the dinner turns into a party.

As the night ends, Ted tells Rebecca that he can see who Rupert really is. Jamie tries apologizing to Keeley but she still isn’t happy — Roy confronts Keeley and tells her not to use him as a prop in their little argument. Keeley sincerely apologizes. As Roy walks off, Jamie asks Keeley why she’s apologizing to him and she dictates that being accountable matters. She breaks up with him.

Keeley grabs some champagne and asks Rebecca if she’d like to get super drunk. Episode 4 sees some characters figure themselves out as friction in the group becomes clearer.

Additional points
  • Nate thanks Roy for sticking up for him.

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