Masaba Masaba season 1, episode 2 recap – “I Got It From My Mamma”

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 28, 2020 (Last updated: February 13, 2024)
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Netflix series Masaba Masaba season 1, episode 2 - I Got It From My Mamma


“I Got It From My Mamma” shows the pains of a divorce announcement as Masaba readjusts to her new life in a slightly better chapter.

This recap of Netflix series Masaba Masaba season 1, episode 2, “I Got It From My Mamma” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Masaba has escaped to her mother’s house after she has officially announced the divorce on social media. She just wants to hide from all her problems. Masaba cannot get out of bed or have a shower and she shares her depression on social media. It’s breakup blues for Masaba.

The rules

She sets some rules for herself the next day to get motivated and get on with her life, which includes not texting her ex, working out and feeling healthy. She also doesn’t want to forget who truly loves her and has her back.

At the office, she does some house cleaning; she’s warned about her finances but she’s planning on finding a buyer for the house.

Enjoy your life

As for Neena, she really wants to have a meeting with Farah Khan despite invitations to family events. She’s told to calm down and try and enjoy her life but she ignores that advice. The mother clearly wants to continue her career.

Angry investor

At home, Masaba flips out at her mother and her friend for all the bickering and how distracting the house is. Neena sarcastically apologises for everything she does for her. Masaba then gets a call from investor Dhairya and he’s frustrated about the lack of updates for the collection. He reminds her that this is business. Neena then grabs the phone and has a go at Dhairya about badgering her daughter and puts the phone down.

Positive meeting

Neena goes in for her meeting and it’s good news in “I Got It From My Mamma”. They are going to push her for roles and it’s a positive meeting. Afterward, with her friends, she feels very insecure about her career.

Art event

Masaba heads to an art event for her friend Shibani. Gia cannot come with her and she’s annoyed because she wanted support after her recent divorce announcement. As she arrives, her friends Micky and Shibani bring up the divorce instantly — Masaba is also expected to buy something at the art event.

The ending

As she leaves the art event, a man cheekily mocks the art she has bought. Eventually, she admits the art is a piece of sh*t. Masaba shares a spliff with this man and she talks about showing support for her friend. She finds the man arrogant but then he offers to take her home on his bike. But then her driver shows up so she has her ride home — she regrets not getting on the bike as she was intrigued by this man.

When Masaba gets home, her mother has found a photo of her daughter with Manav. Her mother lectures her, stating how horrible that man was to her. Masaba insists they just met at a London fashion show. Neena accuses Manav of being the cause of her divorce. They both argue and Masaba threatens to move out. She also implies that her marriage problems were her mother’s fault. Masaba leaves the house. Masaba Masaba Episode 2, “I Got It From My Mamma”, shows the pains of a divorce announcement as Masaba readjusts to her new life in a slightly better chapter.

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