The Boys season 2, episode 3 recap – what happened?

September 4, 2020
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Episode 3 provides pivotal scenes that change the course of the story — there’s a sense that it will never be the same again. The Boys brings one of its best episodes.

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Episode 3 provides pivotal scenes that change the course of the story — there’s a sense that it will never be the same again. The Boys brings one of its best episodes.

This recap of Amazon’s The Boys season 2, episode 3, “Over The Hill With The Swords Of A Thousand Men” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

While on a boat en route to drop off the Super Terrorist, Billy tries to speak to Hughie and admits he lost his bottle while punching him — he apologises. Hughie starts punching Billy and Mother’s Milk splits them up. Nothing is resolved between these two yet it seems in episode 3. Grace rings Billy and asks if Kimiko’s allegiance will be tested if the Super Terrorist is her brother. As for Kimiko, her brother is trying to encourage her to let him go but she won’t and she softly apologises.

Nice family breakfast

Homelander’s visit to see his son has been extended in episode 3. He has breakfast with Ryan and Becca. He has no intention of letting this go. Homelander goes outside with Ryan. He wants his son to jump off the top of the house because he believes his son can fly but Ryan is extremely anxious about it. In a shocking moment, Homelander pushes Ryan off the house and he doesn’t fly. Becca comes outside and she is panicking. Ryan gets up with no injuries and Homelander states that Becca is raising him to be a “P*ssy”. Homelander then grabs Becca’s wrist and Ryan pushes him to the floor and shows his powers. Ryan wants Homelander to leave his mother and him alone.

The strange thing about Homelander which has been mentioned countless times is that he wants to be wanted. He’s absurdly insecure and the whole “son” storyline is a pure demonstration of that.

Superheroes are made

During a meeting with the superheroes, Ashley is fretting and meets Stan about “crisis management”. On the news, it is revealed that superheroes are not born, but made by Compound V. Starlight looks delighted at the leak and A-Train asks her what she did. Starlight claims if she comes down, he comes down with her — A-Train cites that they are going to lose everything, including money and claims people who do not care about that are those who grew up with the money. As for The Deep, he’s still having his therapy with Eagle The Archer and Carol. He’s upset at the upset leak and how he was not born as a superhero. He now knows he could have been normal. The Boys season 2, episode 3 changes everything forever because it makes the superheroes feel less special. Their uniqueness is threatened and the characters feel it in this chapter.

Billy does not give credit

Hughie is over the moon about the leak and leaves Starlight a voicemail. The Boys are elated about what Hughie did but Billy does not seem as happy about the win. He’s more bothered about the Super Terrorist. Hughie is clearly hurt — it’s almost like he wants to be accepted by Billy. Ironically, Hughie wants to be seen as a hero. Later on the boat, Kimiko’s brother escapes as an NYPD helicopter descends on them. Kimiko brings her brother down but as she does, her brother uses his power to bring down the helicopter. Hughie wants to help everyone on the helicopter but Billy states they do not have time and more cops will arrive soon.

Be a hero

The Deep receives news from Carol; the leader of the Church has accepted him and it’s a good way for him to get back into The Seven, apparently. Eagle The Archer is elated for The Deep but he isn’t so sure. Carol tells him he is ready — “Get out there and be a hero”. This whole storyline is as creepy as it gets.

Shares are dropping

The shares for Vought International are dropping and the board is panicking. Stan has to make a decision — there is pressure for the company to make a statement. This is testing times for the company who have obviously felt invincible for years. Stan attends a meeting with the superheroes. He calls them partners and that they should get through this as Vought. Stan wants the priority to catch the Super Terrorist/Villain (the series keeps comically struggling with which terminology to use). Homelander says they are all family and that Stan doesn’t care about them — “We are not Vought // The world still needs superheroes”. He wants to take the Super Terrorist/Villain down. There’s this sense that the “superheroes’ do not want to be removed from the limelight from the “supervillains”.

Second wind

Hughie rings Annie and leaves a voicemail; he tells her he felt like he was drowning but then she gave him that second wave — “You’re my second wind”. He tells her to be careful about the Vought scandal. Hughie’s crippling anxiety begins in this scene as he’s overwhelmed by recent events.

Whale attack

The Boys struggle on their boat as they are attacked again. The boat begins to sink so they get on a speed boat. The Deep is the one attacking them on the back of a whale. When they reach the island, Billy hits the whale right in its body with the boat to kill it. Hughie suffers from trauma and has zoned out inside the whale’s body. Billy tries to snap him out of it but Hughie freaks out. When Mother’s Milk says they can’t leave him, Billy comedically says “Pinnochio is staying put”. Mother’s Milk offers to stay with Billy inside the whale’s body so Hughie leaves. Hughie is blatantly feeling sorry for himself here.

A long hard road to forgiveness

The Boys season 2, episode 3 finally starts putting all the characters together as we reach the climax of a thrilling chapter.

The Seven turn up and The Deep is distraught about the dead whale. The Deep tells Starlight that he’s ready to go on a long and hard road to forgiveness. Starlight tells him that he isn’t coming back into The Seven. They need to continue with their mission but before they do, Homelander tells The Deep that his gill is showing and that it is disgusting. After all that therapy, it could all be undone for The Deep after one comment from Homelander.

Kill him

In the tunnels on the island, Hughie sees Starlight and he’s happy to see her but she uses her powers to throw him to the ground. Homelander is irritated that Hughie is involved again and asks Starlight to kill him. Billy and The Boys overhear the conversation. She hesitates and Homelander threatens to kill them both. As Starlight is about to presumably kill him, Billy shouts “Oi, c*nt” to distract them. Typical Billy style.

Saving Hughie

Homelander mocks Billy, saying he had delicious pancakes with his wife Becca. Billy tells him to “Eat this motherf*cker” and sends in the Super Terrorist to attack him. The ground swallows Homelander and then Kimiko’s brother gets away. Kimiko catches him again and begs him not to run, saying she loves him. Stormfront finds them both. She then recklessly starts killing innocent civilians so Kimiko starts fighting her. As Stormfront is about to kill Kimiko, her brother saves her.

The ending

The Boys season 2, episode 3 ends on tragic terms and a sense of emptiness.

It isn’t ending well for the brother as Stormfront rips off both his hands with ease. She tells him to open his eyes so she can see his lights go out — Stormfront calls him a “Yellow bast*rd” before snapping his head clean. There’s a moment of shock for Kimiko as she looks on.  Homelander arrives and Stormfront states “You snooze, you lose gramps”. On TV, Stan makes a statement claiming they knew nothing about Compound V and blames it all on former employee Madelyn Stillwell. He then sends thoughts and prayers to the families affected by the events of that day and makes it about terrorism. The Boys seem despondent as they watch the news unfold and Stormfront is praised.

Stormfront is then presented on the news and makes a speech. Kimiko looks at the TV with revenge in her eyes. Homelander does not look too pleased either. Episode 3 provides pivotal scenes that change the course of the story — there’s a sense that it will never be the same again. The Boys brings one of its best episodes.

Additional points
  • A director comes to Vought International and pitches a movie about The Seven. Stormfront questions the treatment of the female leads in the script.
  • Homelander tells Queen Maeve that he feels he can rely on her. She’s just got off the phone with Elena and she quickly puts it down and readjusts to appease Homelander. He isn’t aware of what has been released on TV. Homelander asks who Elena is.

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