Raised by Wolves season 1, episode 6 recap – “Lost Paradise”

September 17, 2020
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“Lost Paradise” is a stellar episode, bringing two factions together with an explosion of violence and as yet unknown consequences.

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“Lost Paradise” is a stellar episode, bringing two factions together with an explosion of violence and as yet unknown consequences.

This recap of Raised by Wolves season 1, episode 6, “Lost Paradise”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Mother, having discovered a way to watch back her departure from Earth and tearful farewell with the original Campion, has become a little obsessed with the footage. She’s sneaking off every day to watch it again and again, positioning herself just so, such that it seems like Campion is smooching this new, aware version of her before their memories together were taken away.

She takes the same flight path back to the sim every day, which hasn’t gone unnoticed by Marcus and Sue, who continue to surveil the settlement. Paul seems happy. They want to tell him the truth but don’t know how. Marcus believes they’ll never be safe unless they destroy Mother, and that same route she takes every day is what might allow him to do so.

Father has noticed it too. He’s worried about where Mother is going on her so-called patrols, and that she might not be spending enough time with the kids to imprint on them properly. Hunter overhears this conversation and later tries to use it to bring Father around to his point of view. No such luck.

The kids are still pretty split in Raised by Wolves episode 6. Tempest still despises the idea of carrying her baby to term, but Mother is there to reassure her; those two have a clear bond. Hunter is obviously not buying into the atheistic way of life, especially once he finds a ration can while out collecting firewood. He later shows it to Holly, who makes the same deduction that there must have been survivors from the Ark of Heaven. But she, unlike him, doesn’t want Mother and Father to get hurt.

And then there’s Campion and Paul. They seem like newfound besties, but when Campion presents him with a stick puzzle that took him 20-odd minutes to solve — above average, for a child his age — Paul solves it in seconds, which Campion is fuming about. He immediately accuses him of cheating. He’s a sore loser, but he’s also angry, seemingly on the brink of an outburst at all times.

Marcus, meanwhile, is adapting well to being “His Eminence”. One of his men takes him aside to thank him for personally executing his father, who years prior had shown compassion on an atheist child soldier who ended up killing half his platoon. Marcus has to be reminded of this since he isn’t really Marcus, as much as he might like pretending to be. Sue finds the pod that Mother has been using to enter the sim, and they deduce that the shortest sim of hers was over two hours long. When she’s plugged in, she’s vulnerable for all that time. This, Marcus thinks, is how they get her.

On some level, Mother herself is becoming paranoid about her own excursions. In the lab, she finds drawings depicting her departure but has no idea who drew them. Meanwhile, Paul is starving and is sick of eating the fungus, so he uses it to bait a trap he has made to kill the native aliens, which he doesn’t want to kill himself but does want to eat. This perceived betrayal sends Campion into a rage, and he assaults Paul. Father drags him before Mother, who tries to explain how violence against animals is different than violence against fellow humans. Campion thinks she’s a hypocrite given all the violence she has committed, and her justification for that is terribly weak: “Do as I say, not as I do.” Ha! Classic parenting. Campion declares he’ll do violence again if necessary and refuses to apologize to Paul, but Mother forces him to leave. After, she confronts Father about the drawings, which mimic Tally’s style. She accuses him of following her and spying on her, but he has no idea what she’s talking about.

At a loss, Mother returns to the sim. The Mithraic are watching. They set up the spiky-helmeted rapist with a disc to drain her power. While she’s in there, Mother asks the sim itself if anyone else has accessed it; it says one other has, but can’t give any details. Mother encounters the original Campion in there and realizes he did everything he could to lure her back since he misses her. He is a virus in the pods and has infected her systems. She thinks she’s malfunctioning; he says she never will unless that’s what she wants. He explains her own superiority, that she is eternal, while humans live only to die. They kiss.

By the time Marcus has rigged the pod with explosives, Mother and Campion are having sex, floating into the air naked until the roof opens (in the shape of a cross, naturally) and covers them with white goo — and not the fun kind. Mother wakes up to find the disc sapping her power; her banshee screams hurt, but suddenly don’t kill. But the explosives don’t detonate as planned, which gives her time to telekinetically raise boulders and noisily scream them into chunks. In the carnage, she escapes.

Back at the settlement, Vita tells Campion that she’s playing hide and seek with Tally. Meanwhile, Sue grabs Paul, so Father senses something is up. The Mithraic raid the settlement and shoot him a few times, but he’s able to flee. The kids rush to the lander, and Father begins picking off the attackers; he kills one with Paul’s trap, throws another into a hail of bullets, and slingshots a third from an impressive distance. Taking a gun, he takes Vita to the lander and engages in a shootout. He’s doing well until Hunter, using the announcement system on the lander, tips off the Mithraic to his position. They’re able to shoot father down, and the other children restrain Campion when he tries to intervene. But Mother arrives just in time to prevent Father from being finished off, though he’s badly wounded.

Marcus eventually catches up with Sue and Paul. He’s annoyed she went in without his say so and wants Paul to return in order to save the other children. Sue is very unhappy about this, but Paul is willing — eager, even. By the time he gets back, Mother is digging bullets out of Father while the other kids argue with Hunter about what he did. Paul uses the knife Marcus gave him to nab the pouch containing Mother’s eyes from around her neck, and he flees. She gives chase, but Marcus ambushes her with a blade. The voices in his head, though, tell him to let her live. But who do the voices belong to?

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