The Boys season 2, episode 6 recap – how old is Stormfront?

September 25, 2020
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Episode 6 toys with relationships and the past as characters grow closer together in unexpected ways and more secrets are revealed.

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Episode 6 toys with relationships and the past as characters grow closer together in unexpected ways and more secrets are revealed.

This recap of Amazon’s The Boys season 2, episode 6, “The Bloody Doors Off” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Episode 6 begins with the title screen “8 Years Ago”. Frenchie is drunk, high and enjoying life with Cheri and Jay. He’s ready to rob a bank — he’s got a close friendship with both characters — the scene is acted in a way where he seems more content. In the present day, Starlight wants the chip out of her arm and Frenchie offers to take it out with his own tools. He manages to get it out of her neck which is a little bloody.

Season 2 offers the prospect that Starlight is now a member of The Boys.

Supe fun

Stormfront and Homelander track down a thief and they mock the justice system together. Stormfront rubs Homelander’s crotch as he squeezes the thief’s head to a pulp. They then have sex in the alleyway with blood smeared over their faces.

Episode 6, “The Bloody Doors Off” continues the same crazed sex and destruction that we beared witness to in the previous episode — these two are a “power” couple in every sense of the term.

Introduction to The Boys den

Hughie introduces Starlight to where The Boys live. Kimiko hugs her but Billy obviously has an issue. Starlight tells them about the emails she saw between Stormfront and Stan; the messages reference how the Sage Grove Centre is making progress. Billy agrees that Starlight can join them as insurance — she’s a traitor to the Supes now.

A subsidiary

Sage Grove is a subsidiary of Vought International which is apparently a provider for wellbeing and wellness. The Boys prepare themselves outside of the building. They split into two groups. Billy, Starlight, and Hughie stay outside. Starlight angrily confronts Billy about the fact that he still doesn’t trust her — she calls him a bigot and a bully and that he reminds her of Homelander.

You can tell these words cut through Billy despite holding his own; Starlight is evidently sick and tired of leaders who abuse their powers and although Billy uses his personality for good, he still has pitfalls like Homelander.

Offering work

In a flashback of Frenchie; he was caught by the authorities. Grace asks him to work for him and if he does, her friends will be free. Season 2 confirms that Frenchie joined The Boys based on blackmail and this is where is happy life turned around.

Unexpected visitors

Stormfront turns up at Sage Grove and Billy wants to warn the others inside. While in the building, Frenchie, Kimiko, and Frenchie look at the CCTV. There are loads of people in cells and they all have superpowers. They see Stormfront on CCTV and Kimiko’s blood starts to boil. She talks to a man named Tim. Frenchie recognizes another man in the room — it’s Lamplighter who torches Tim to death with fire. Hughie radios them and tells them to leave. On the way out, they bump into Lamplighter but then a woman named Cindy appears and he is suddenly fearful.

Plenty of Supes

And Season 2 introduces audiences to a very powerful Supe who seems stronger than the others with ease.

Cindy kills one of the security guards by simply closing her hands and he explodes — blood splashing everywhere. The Boys and Lamplighter flee but end up trapped. Mother’s Milk tells Lamplighter to calm down so they don’t die — there’s loads of Supes outside and they are inside the CCTV room. Suddenly, the CCTV room door opens and a Supe walks through — his vomit is made out of acid and he ends up throwing up on himself and dying.

Badly wounded

The Boys season 2, episode 6 sees a breaking point for Billy and Starlight after their bickering and traded offensive words.

Outside, a Supe approaches Billy and co. who has force field type powers. Billy shoots him to death. Hughie was badly injured from the Supe’s attack. Billy and Starlight have to take him to the hospital.

This is obvious writing but episode 6 is finding a reason for Billy and Starlight to find common ground — the only thing they share which they care about is their good friend Hughie.

Wounded schoolboy

During episode 6, Homelander is trying to do something romantic for Stormfront. He didn’t like waiting for her in his trailer so he blows it up out of anger. Stormfront shows up and asks him if anything is wrong. He wonders where she has been and slowly grabs her throat. At this point, it really looked like their relationship was in tatters rather quickly.

One of Homelander’s main issues is his relationship with love and his own feelings — he acts like a wounded schoolboy when he doesn’t get what he wants from someone who deems to care about him.

5 years ago

Lamplighter tells Frenchie that he remembers her from the night that he torched kids to death. Frenchie loses his sh*t and starts smashing the place up. Mother’s Milk calms him down. A flashback shows Mother’s Milk showing an engagement ring to Frenchie 5 years ago. Grace calls the ring beautiful. Lamplighter turns up and they laugh at him — Billy says he looks like a Majorette. Grace assigns a task to Lamplighter — to spy on Vought and more importantly, Homelander. Grace tells Frenchie to not allow him out of his sight.

Getting a car

Billy and Starlight flag down a car and they ask the driver to leave. A man leaves the car and points his gun at them. Billy approaches him and it gets tense. Starlight uses her powers to knock him over. She asks Billy why he couldn’t have stayed back; the man is dead and she looks a bit upset. Starlight uses car electricity to heal Hughie’s wound slightly with her powers.

Why didn’t you stop me

Back to the present day, Frenchie confronts Lamplighter about being a monster for torching those kids. Lamplighter says he didn’t know there were kids inside — he asks Frenchie why he disappeared that night — “Why didn’t you stop me?”. A flashback shows Frenchie getting a call from Cheri — she tells him that Jay is overdosing and needs his help. Frenchie heads to Cheri’s place and tells her to keep Jay talking and awake. Cheri accuses Frenchie of not caring about them.

Episode 6 puts a weight of guilt on Frenchie’s shoulders — he’s a man that values those he loves and that fatal day seems to lie in the back of his mind. It confirms why he has such care for Kimiko — he doesn’t want to lose more people in his life.

Stabilizing Compound V.

In the present, Lamplighter tells Frenchie and co that Vought is trying to stabilize Compound V so it can work on any adult. He tells them that he is here to burn the evidence. Frenchie tells Lamplighter that he left the scene the night the Supe torched the kids because he had to help his friends — his friend didn’t die but three months later, he overdosed again and passed away. There’s sympathy in the room aimed towards Frenchie — it can be felt.

D*ck choke

A man with an absurdly long p***s attacks Mother’s Milk (this is way more hilarious than it should have been). When they knock the Supe out they try and find a way out of the facility without crossing paths with Cindy. But then Stormfront walks in and attacks Cindy and screams for Lamplighter. He shows himself and Stormfront is fuming because she’s had to kill six subjects — he blags it and makes out Cindy caused all this while The Boys hide.

He’s too good

Billy and Starlight manage to get Hughie into the hospital and stabilized. Starlight smiles at Hughie and mocks the kid’s shampoo he uses and the deodorant he pulls off. The pair talk about how Hughie is too good for both of them.

And finally, Billy and Starlight bond without any hate between them — but how long will it last? Billy hates Supes.

Grace’s decision

Frenchie apologizes to Kimiko and he admits he has been foolish to think he needed to save her and he promises to leave her alone — as he stands up, Kimiko’s face tells a story — she doesn’t want Frenchie to leave her alone. Grace turns up and asks where Lamplighter is. When they show him, Grace points her gun and starts crying. Lamplighter tells her to do it. Frenchie begs her not to kill him, citing that he also wanted to kill him himself.

After his revelation to the group, Frenchie is in a forgiving mood.

The ending – how old is Stormfront?

The ending to The Boys season 2, episode 6 is not surprising but it does show how much Stormfront is a villain in the story — she’s deep-rooted in evil beliefs; this is not just a game to her.

Stormfront apologizes to Homelander for lying and promises to tell him everything. Stormfront shows him a photo of her daughter who looks older on the photo — she reveals she was born in 1919 in Berlin. This makes Stormfront more than 100 years old.

She shows more photos including ones where she is with Himmler and Goebbels. The last photo shows her in a bride’s dress next to Frederick Vought. Stormfront reveals that he gave her the first Compound V and then they fell in love and had a kid. She expands and explains Frederick didn’t care about reputation and highlights they are in a culture war — “The other races are grinding us down and taking away what is rightfully ours but we can fight back”. Stormfront wants to make an army of Supes with Homelander leading them. She has an ideology about how the world should be. A dangerous ideology.

Stormfront reveals her love for Homelander and how he can be the face of all this. He kisses her, seemingly accepting her speech, which is not surprising considering he loves to be admired. Meanwhile, Cindy walks down the street — she’s escaped.

Episode 6 toys with relationships and the past as characters grow closer together in unexpected ways and more secrets are revealed. It will be interesting to see where the story goes from here — Vought seems fractured more than ever with The Seven all split up and venturing on their own objectives. As for The Boys, they seem more united than at the start of season 2.

Additional points
  • The Deep drops something off for Queen Maeve — she tells him he can rejoin The Seven if he keeps his mouth shut.
  • The Deep and A-Train have a meal at The Church of the Collective. They offer to help A-Train to get back into The Seven.
  • Elena sees a video on Queen Maeve’s phone of her and Homelander leaving passengers on a plane that’s about to crash. Maeve explains that she’s going to show that to Homelander in hope that he leaves them alone or she will put it on CNN. Elena is horrified as Queen Maeve explains herself — “This is our way out”.

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