Utopia (2020) season 1, episode 6 recap – controlling the story

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 25, 2020 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Amazon original series Utopia season 1, episode 6


Utopia season 1, episode 6 sees answers slowly coming together as secrets are uncovered and characters learn their place in the overwhelming conspiracy.

This recap of Amazon original series Utopia season 1, episode 6 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Arby is flicking all his raisin boxes off the shelf in his room. He seems frustrated by something he saw in Utopia. Jessica and Grant return with the other half of the comic. Jessica has a look at the pages of Utopia again and seems concerned. The group then lay out all the pages to make sense of it together. Wilson sees in the pages that there were kids in crates — Jessica says she wasn’t in the crates at “home” because she was protected and special — Wilson notes that she was gassed and was hurt at home. Wilson then concludes that Jessica finds the “home” and kills Mr Rabbit.

What’s clear in this scene is that Wilson is still excited to have this comic despite the fact that it’s brought so much danger. The nerd in him still comes out when he has to analyse them — that isn’t lost despite the life-changing scenarios. The Amazon series has managed to keep that aspect.

More PR

Back at the hot zone, hazmat suits and tents are taken down. Dale and his “daughter” Charlotte speaks to the media and announces she needs to get bed rest. Dale is frustrated that she’s doing all these announcements — he fears the media will think she’s over-egging it. Michael Stearns heads over to Dale’s house to check up on her.

This was the first time we start to see Michael having doubts about the flu strain and the vaccine — he feels something more sinister is happening under his nose. And he’s right.


Wilson sees the Peruvian flag in Utopia — he believes the flu is linked to Peruvian bats. Wilson turns the news on and concludes that Michael Stearns is Mr Rabbit. Becky goes further and states that Michael is getting controlled by Mr Rabbit.

We are seeing many assumptions here but it’s easy to understand that these characters are making their own interpretations — it’s a moving animal this story.

Checking up on Charlotte

Michael checks up on Charlotte. He asks her questions about her life before heading to the restroom. Meanwhile, Dale frets to Kevin Christie on the phone about the attention Charlotte brings. Michael looks around the house to see it is empty in the cupboards. Dale catches him but Michael blags it and says he wants a glass of water.

Respect your purpose

Utopia season 1, episode 6 gives plenty for the audience to think about when it comes to Arby.

Arby tells Kevin and Thomas that he knows where Jessica Hyde and Utopia is. Thomas gets angry so Kevin sends him to his room. Arby asks Kevin where he came from and felt like he wasn’t loved. Kevin talks about how Jessica has no life, no family, and no friends and asks Arby if he wants that. Kevin ends the conversation by telling Arby to respect his purpose or he can’t belong anymore.

It was assumed anyway but this confirms that Arby used to be one of Kevin’s children as well. Pluck away the darkness and it seems a pyramid scheme has been set up.

Creating the story

In an almost random scene, Dale leaves home for the day in a suit, walks through a field, and then he’s run over by a truck. On the news, it is announced that Dale has committed suicide. Kevin tells Thomas that they need to present Dale’s life story in the media — everything needs to stand up to scrutiny. Thomas forms a task group to get the story right. Charlotte has an interview with the media about her father’s death. Meanwhile, Michael sees the interview and notices changes in the house.

This corporate approach to controlling the story in the media is highly indicative of the present day. It shows how easy it is to be done.

He couldn’t bear it

The story spun up is that Dale could not bear to see a former classmate (Michael Stearns) save his daughter from the flu strain. The story is written up by a fake friend. Michael rings the author of the story and it seems legitimate at face value. The PR machine engineered by Kevin Christie is going full flow. The news is now reporting the same trend — depression and mental health. Michael keeps investigating and he feels there is a conspiracy — he believes the virus is deliberate and that they are killing children on purpose. His wife feels he is having a manic episode and calms him down as he’s exhausted. She places him in bed but when she leaves, he carries on working.

A quick medical procedure

Wilson has an update — Michael Stearns was in the asylum before it burned down. Jessica now believes Michael is Mr. Rabbit. Suddenly, Becky has another fit and she cannot breathe. Jessica cuts a hole in Becky’s neck and puts a funnel inside her to see if it makes her breathe but she dies. Jessica continues investigating while everyone is distraught. Becky suddenly wakes up and takes the funnel out. Jessica wraps a scarf around her neck and leaves.

Jessica was so blase in this scene — that’s what is shocking to watch. She randomly cuts a hole in Beck’s throat like she was naturally in surgery, only to see that it hasn’t worked. The character clearly does not care about the emotions at play and goes straight for the no-mercy nonsense. The fact she even tried that procedure is audacious.

The ending

Michael believes the spread of the virus is linked to pet farms. On the news, it is revealed that the FDA has freed the vaccine. His wife is still worried about Michael. He wants to tell the world that something ominous is happening. As Michael is about to talk to the press, his wife knocks him out which gives a new twist to the story.

Utopia season 1, episode 6 sees answers slowly coming together as secrets are uncovered and characters learn their place in the overwhelming conspiracy.

Additional points
  • While examining Utopia, Becky and Ian sneak off to hook up and have sex.
  • Alice tells Jessica and the others that she wants to leave. Jessica takes it in her own hands and cuffs Alice to a bed. Alice tells Grant to cut off her ponytail and tells him that Jessica is never going to grab her by the braids again.

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