Utopia (2020) season 1, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 25, 2020 (Last updated: February 11, 2024)
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Amazon original series Utopia season 1, episode 8


The ending of season 1 is action-packed and full of ideologies discussed by the villain giving a satisfactory finish. It has all the bearings of a continuation so we can only hope the fans of the original enjoy the ending of the remake.

This recap of Amazon original series Utopia season 1, episode 8 — the ending explained — contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

The person sellotaped is Kevin Christie. The others bring him in. Meanwhile, the vaccine is being mass-produced and is ready to be delivered. Thomas sends instructions to a group of kids to find Kevin and Jessica.

That’s the overall premise for the ending of season 1 but what follows is a lot of answers.

Mr Rabbit entertains

Kevin starts talking and raises how ironic he’s in front of the people he was hunting. Jessica and co lay down bleach, salt and a spoon. Michael raises the subject of his wife — Kevin states how she lived her purpose. Kevin continues to try to entertain the room and then reveals that Charlotte had a twin — it sinks in that Michael was tricked and when the vaccine fails, he will be blamed.

You could be a genius

Kevin tells Jessica that she has a purpose too. Jessica rips his sellotape off his back to reveal the scar — he’s Mr Rabbit. Kevin then tells Becky that his organisation gave her the disease she has. Michael wonders how Kevin has a brilliant mind that has done no good. The group then look at Utopia to see that this is a bigger virus than they thought.

World-improving virus

Kevin tells the group that his organisation created a world-improving omnivirus that is in the vaccine. Now the world is demanding the vaccine — “What we are doing is far bigger than death”. Kevin then asks the group what they have done today to earn their place in a crowded world. Kevin claims it doesn’t kill but that they intend to stop reproduction for three generations — the virus will sterilise people. Meanwhile, outside, Arby is killing the kids who have been sent to save Kevin. Arby is then evading shots from two women but ends up killing them.

Utopia season 1, episode 8 reveals Kevin’s ultimate goal — to cleanse the world from overpopulation so they can use their energy wisely and with focus; what continues to stump the characters is why Kevin has used his brilliant mind for evil — maybe that’s what the problem is, his mind is too brilliant. Kevin justifying his ideology is the core story of the ending.

A new world

Kevin believes he’s doing a favour to the world that is populating too fast — he claims to love the planet. Jessica asks what the scar is on her wrist — Kevin states that her father tested on her and she won’t be having any kids — he claims that her father did not love her and she belongs to him. Jessica knocks him out.

The group spit ideas

Wilson has an idea; to record Kevin confessing — “A great philanthropist that got greedy”. Jessica asks how can they get into the facility — Kevin tells them that they can stop the vaccine, then they will remake it and then his security team will kill them all. Kevin says they will need his thumb to access the facility so Becky quickly chops it off with no questions asked. The group head out and Jessica will not be joining them so it is an emotional goodbye. Wilson also stays behind with Kevin.

This scene shows Kevin to be a simple but arrogant man — he believes his plan will work to the point he tells the group everything.

“Stay alive, Jessica Hyde”

Jessica then meets Arby in the garden. He’s killed loads of people to protect them. Arby reveals that in Utopia, he was created to help her. Jessica asks Arby to take her home. Arby agrees but tells her she isn’t well — “Stay alive, Jessica Hyde”. They walk off together.

A lot of vaccines

Michael Stearns and the group head inside the laboratory after taking out gate security. They see millions of vaccines in boxes and have no idea how to get rid of it all. Ian starts comically breaking one of the boxes and puts a thumbs up to the group. And so it begins.

Focused intellect

Wilson starts recording Kevin and tells him to do his confession. But Kevin won’t do it and starts justifying his plans again — he asks Wilson to imagine focused intellect in the world that has less used energy. Wilson seems to understand his statement but then gets emotional that Kevin murdered his family.

Destroying the source

Michael and the group continue destroying the vaccine while security is using vehicles to try to break the warehouse door down. While the vaccines all fall around them, Ian proposes marriage to Becky. Ian then sets the pile of vaccine boxes on fire. Michael heads to the lab and destroys the source of the vaccine. Meanwhile, Ian and the group trap security in the warehouse. Thomas Christie announces a lockdown from a bioterrorist attack.

Utopia season 1, episode 8 sees the group courageously carry out the mission — such a contrast to episode 1 where these teenagers had no idea how to handle serious situations. Despite the pace, character development has worked up until this point.

The children

Jessica is still with Arby — she looks unwell — it looks like she has virus strain. Arby takes her through peaceful woods and she hears children. Arby explains how some children are tested for experiments while others are trained like him. Jessica enters a house and walks into her old bedroom. She sees medical equipment next to her bed and then she collapses on to the sheets. Agent Katherine Millar plays “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” on the record player and tells Jessica that she’s not Homeland Security, she’s “Home”.

Well, this is another twist — it wasn’t as surprising as the story expects it to be — mostly because anything can happen at this point; it’s a conspiracy thriller after all.


As they head out, Becky and Grant have to run away from the police. Wilson finds Becky and when she gets in a car with him, Kevin is in the front. Becky feels betrayed by Wilson. But where is Grant? We can assume he was arrested and didn’t get away.

The ending

Jessica sees Katherine’s tattoo and jolts up. Katherine says she and Kevin have different meanings for Utopia. She tells her that she and her father had a vision to rebirth the world — “You carry the future on your back just waiting to be harvested”. Jessica falls asleep and Katherine puts the covers over her. Outside Arby says “Stay alive, Jessica Hyde”. Katherine goes into the basement of the house and tells Jessica’s father that she has his daughter.

The ending of season 1 is action-packed and full of ideologies discussed by the villain giving a satisfactory finish. It has all the bearings of a continuation so we can only hope the fans of the original enjoy the ending of the remake.

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