Who does Dani keep seeing in the mirror in The Haunting of Bly Manor?

October 9, 2020
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This article “Who does Dani keep seeing in the mirror in The Haunting of Bly Manor” contains major spoilers.

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When Dani arrives at Bly Manor she is filled with joy and hope — this is her chance to have a fresh start and to leave her demons behind. But it’s quite the opposite to what actually happened — Dani was haunted by something that goes beyond paranormal. Dani experienced the kind of trauma that haunts you and it even infected her mind. So the question that we all have at the start of the Netflix series is — who does Dani keep seeing in the mirror in The Haunting of Bly Manor?

What does she actually see in the mirror and windows?

It’s a male figure with glasses but the glasses are bright and fiery — lit up like they are on fire. This figure is the first jump scare of the season and it’s one that is rather unexpected, despite the fact the horror uses the predictable mirror to utilize it.

Who is the man Dani is seeing?

It’s her ex-fiance and childhood sweetheart who she was meant to marry but, due to her restlessness and not loving him in the same way, she breaks up with him.

But why is it haunting Dani?

The circumstances in which Dani and Edmund broke up are traumatizing. As soon as they broke up after an emotional meal, the pair discuss the break-up in the car. Edmund is a frustrated figure, feeling betrayed by a woman he’s known since childhood. As soon as he leaves the car, he is hit by a truck and he’s later declared dead. When the car hits him, his glasses light up due to the truck lights beaming at him — that’s why Dani can see the lit-up glasses in the mirror.

As this is a traumatic event, it’s no surprise that Dani is suffering from PTSD.

So is what Dani sees a ghost?

That’s up for debate, however, we feel like it is likely that it is in her head. So while it is a haunting, it’s a haunting created from her own mind and one she must work to overcome.

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