Who is Jay in Netflix series Grand Army?

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 16, 2020 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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This article “Who is Jay in Netflix series Grand Army” contains spoilers. 

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There’s dancing and there’s swimming in Grand Army but there’s also a bit of music — so who is Jay in Netflix series Grand Army?

What does Jay do at school?

He’s a musician or at least trying to be one. Jay and his friend Owen dream of being making it big one day with their jazz-like tendencies and are competing to try and get into the All-State Performance. Jay is very vocal about authorities and the treatment of the black community in the Netflix series — he struggles with it and wants to make a difference.

The incident

After the bombing in the first episode, there’s a school lockdown. Owen and Jay fool around and take Dom’s wallet, but end up losing her money. Unfortunately, the teachers get a whiff of the incident and give Jay a short suspension but his friend gets a long-term superintendent suspension.

Jay’s story is predicated on Owen’s hearing and the upcoming All-State Performance.

Is Jay romantic with anyone?

There’s plenty of hints that Jay is starting something with Sonia, however, it’s never fully concrete in the story.

What is the outcome of the hearing? (major spoiler)

Despite trying his hardest to defend his friend in the hearing, Owen’s harsh suspension remains the same. Jay now wants to fight for his friend by doing sit-in protests. The only issue is, Jay has taken Owen’s place in the All-State Performance — if he doesn’t do it, he loses an amazing opportunity. If he does it, he has guilt on his mind for taking his friend’s place.

This is also coupled with the fact that Owen no longer wants to be his friend since the suspension.

Does Jay partake in the All-State Performance? (major spoiler)

He does — it’s the last scene in the series.

But he doesn’t exactly partake and perform, instead, he sends a message to the community regarding the treatment of black people. On his solo wth the saxophone, Jay stands up, puts two pieces of black sellotape over his mouth, and puts his fist in his air. It’s a message — “We will not be silenced”. His protest on the stage sends a strong message to the audience and it is powerful.

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