Who is Sid in Netflix series Grand Army?

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 16, 2020 (Last updated: February 10, 2024)
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Grand Army Netflix
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This article “Who is Sid in Netflix series Grand Army” contains spoilers. 

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Grand Army raises many important issues in society today that impact teenagers who have to go through an intense period of their lives. However, one of the characters will be relatable for many in the LGBTQ+ community — so who is Sid in the Netflix series Grand Army?

What does Sid do at school?

Sid is part of the swim team at Grand Army, and he’s an impressive swimmer, with scouts looking at his talents. He almost feels like an outlier amongst the boys at school and tries not to get involved in the “locker room talk” — the first episode highlights this immediately.

Sid also has inspirations to go to Harvard University.

Is Sid religious?

Yes, he’s a Muslim. One of the main reasons why he’s so paranoid in the first two chapters of Grand Army is because he fears the perception of Muslims and himself after a bomb went off near Brooklyn near his school. His family is very traditional about their religion as well.

Does he have a romance in the series?

Yes, for the majority of the episodes, Sid has a girlfriend named Flora, and they have a long-distance relationship. Flora often gets a bus to visit him.

What’s Sid’s secret? (major spoiler)

Throughout the Netflix series, Sid is struggling with his sexuality — he’s gay. Due to the pressure of his family tradition, perception of Muslims and not following the “status-quo” he fears coming out. Grand Army demonstrates how much of a torture it can be for a teenager in this position. Sid finds himself continuing a relationship where he isn’t attracted to the person he’s with.

However, he does write an essay for his Harvard application that discusses stereotypes against the Muslim community and his sexuality as an outlet and also to increase his chances of getting into University.

Does Sid come out? (major spoiler)

Not intentionally — someone who has a problem with Sid in the swim team accesses his laptop and leaks his essay, so the whole school knows. Sid fears the leak at first, but then he bravely confronts his parents about it, relying on the fact that they love him. He also kisses the boy he has befriended, Victor.

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