Private Lives episode 6 recap – Cha Joo-eun learns uncomfortable truths

October 22, 2020
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Private Lives episode 6 is a slight improvement from the previous chapter as it tries to be less clever and it uncovers further truths sensibly.

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Private Lives episode 6 is a slight improvement from the previous chapter as it tries to be less clever and it uncovers further truths sensibly.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Privates Lives episode 6 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Kim Jae-wook is desperately helping out his dog after she was hurt in the woods. A security man describes a woman that infiltrated and got away and then he was attached by the “Helmet guy” (Lee Jeong-hwan). Kim Jae-wook is not forgiving of the man and asks his men to take him away.

There’s a John Wick vibe emanating in the story — do not f**k with my dog.

Cha Joo-eun loses her apartment

Cha Joo-eun is in a bad position as her apartment has been cleared due to being unable to pay rent. Kim Jun-beom watches from a distance. Her life has once again hit rock bottom. Kim Jun-beom buys back all of her things.

Remembering the good times

Cha Joo-eun uses the small apartment that Kim Jun-beom let her use at the start of the series. Late in the night, Kim Jun-beom sings outside her — as he sings, Cha Joo-eun remembers her time with Lee Jeong-hwan and ponders over what happened. She finally opens the door and offers soju to Kim Jun-beom. She tells him that she ran into Bok-gi and agreed to partner up with her; she’s unsure why — the deal is to capture Kim Jae-wook and to find out how Lee Jeong-hwan died.

The file

Episode 6 confirms that Kim Jun-beom knew more about the conspiracy than he let on in a moment of clarity for Cha Joo-eun.

Kim Jun-beom gives Cha Joo-eun a memory stick — it has the file she got from the fake Lee Jeong-hwan. Cha Joo-eun looks at the data — it says “Jeong Yoon-kyung has President Choi’s secret ledger”. Cha Joo-eun tells Kim Jun-beom that Lee Jeong-hwan was ordered by GK Technology to hand over this memory stick to her and asks if he handed this over to the UI. She wonders if those who came to the hotel to take Bok-gi might’ve been sent by UI to find the ledger. Kim Jun-beom tells her that UI never got hold of that file and GK retrieved it back from him. He tells her to stop or that she will end up like Lee Jeong-hwan.

Finding Choi Yoon-seok

Detective Kim Myung-hyun is trying to find Choi Yoon-seok but ends up in a chase with Lee Jeong-hwan who believes it is him. Lee Jeong-hwan then walks into Yoon-seok and he’s surprised because he believes he is dead — however, it turns out Yoon-seok has a twin brother. This is the real Yoon-seok.

Of course, this overly complex story has twin brothers — of course.

Meanwhile, Kim Jun-beom insists to Cha Joo-eun that they should stop digging because a conglomerate is involved. He tells Cha Joo-eun that Lee Jeong-hwan is fiction and she became a target in this “Documentary”.

Yoon-seok tells Lee Jeong-hwan that he should leave the country

The more we learn about Lee Jeong-hwan, it’s apparent he’s not a villain in the story.

Choi Yoon-seok and Lee Jeong-hwan head to a cheap hotel room. Yoon-seok tells Jeong-hwan that he should leave the country and hone his skills elsewhere; he then talks about the secret ledger and knows it got his brother killed — he wants answers. Lee Jeong-hwan looks at Yoon-seok in the eyes and insists he knows nothing about these people that did this to him.

Lee Jeong-hwan stalks Kim Jae-wook who was with a politician and holding a suitcase. When Yoon-seok sees the video and wonders if Kim Jae-wook is trying to trade money in politics. Lee Jeong-hwan gets a call from his former boss and asks why he had to die. He wants him to look into it. Director Kim at GK Technology asks Seok-ho to close the case with the police as “Accidental death”.

Owed money

The gang that Lee Jeong-hwan owed money to find Cha Joo-eun again and offer to fight her due to lack of payment. Kim Jun-beom enters this fight and suddenly the leader of the gang is scared. He deals with a couple of the men. He tells them that the debt Cha Joo-eun has inherited will be removed by law. Kim Jun-beom tells the leader to drive Cha Joo-eun around.

Kim Jun-beom does not mess about; he deals with irritant people in his life and then makes them into his workers.

The ending

While out getting food, a few police offers, including Detective Kim Myung-hyun wonder if they should tell Cha Joo-eun who is sitting on another table. Kim Myung-hyun sits with her and offers her some food — he tells her that Lee Jeong-hwan’s case has been closed. Cha Joo-eun is upset and angry as the detective himself said it was suspicious.; She tries to raise the subject of the secret ledger but then backs out. Her friend asks why it wasn’t investigated in the actual province where the case was.

Lee Jeong-hwan meets with the director Mr Kim of GK Technology and tells him he believes this is the work of the UI after he tried to help Jeong Yoon-kyung. He asks the director to look into UI for him. After their meeting, he follows Mr Kim into a hotel and hacks the CCTV system so that he traces his steps. Lee Jeong-hwan believes Director Mr Kim is meeting someone.

And he is, he’s meeting Kim Jae-wook. Twist alert.

Private Lives episode 6 is a slight improvement from the previous chapter as it tries to be less clever and it uncovers further truths sensibly.

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