Blood of Zeus season 1, episode 4 recap – what happened in “A Monster is Born”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 27, 2020 (Last updated: last month)
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Blood of Zeus Recap
Blood of Zeus Season 1 (Credit - Netflix)


Episode 4 zeroes in on one of the leading villains in the story, Seraphim.

This recap of Netflix anime series Blood of Zeus season 1, episode 4, “A Monster is Born” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Alexia is meandering through the woods, and she’s wary of the danger that could come her way. She sees many people slaughtered. She sees Zeus with a deceased Electra, and he tells her that Heron has been taken captive.

As each chapter passes, the theme of mortality deepens, regardless if characters are Gods or not. It really works in the story that no-one is invincible.

There’s happiness after death

Electra’s soul is taken to the land of the dead. Hermes shows her the dead that cannot afford to cross. Hermes tells the land of the dead to treat Electra well. Before she crosses over, she wishes to see Heron. She visits him, and she reassures him that there’s happiness after death. Electra tells him to remember who he is.

Hera has other plans

Episode 4 shows how manipulative Hera has become — thirsty with revenge after her husband betrayed her, she is consumed with a single mission.

Heron is captured and is locked in a cage — Seraphim is sending him to Hades. Meanwhile, Seraphim is hunting down Alexia. He finally corners her in a cage. Alexia shows that she has healing and regeneration, but then it’s revealed it’s really Hera pretending to be her. She asks Seraphim to kneel and tells him she wants revenge. Hera gives Seraphim a vision to prove that his mother was a liar and wasn’t even related to him.

Seraphim’s story

Hera shows Seraphim that his father was murdered when he was an infant and that his uncle moved to the throne to seize power. The uncle dropped Seraphim from a high ledge to kill him. Fortunately, a servant found Seraphim and vowed to protect him. The servant asked for help from the Gods of Olympus, but then Hera sent in a bear — the servant used the bear to feed Seraphim milk. Seraphim’s uncle and his men tracked down the servant. Bears attack the men, but it was too late as the servant was killed.

The ending

Seraphim was cast away as a freak and a monster as he took refuge and that’s where he evolved and became who he is today. Back in the present, Hera tells Seraphim that this is Zeus’s fault because he wanted his mother, Electra, for himself. Hera then reveals that he murdered his own mother and that he should refocus his efforts on Zeus.

Blood of Zeus season 1, episode 4 zeroes in on one of the leading villains in the story, Seraphim. This is a character-centric chapter that reeks of revenge and provides a motive for Seraphim to choose his allegiances.

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