Blood of Zeus season 1, episode 7 recap – what happened in “The Fields of the Dead”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 27, 2020 (Last updated: last month)
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Blood of Zeus Recap
Blood of Zeus Season 1 (Credit - Netflix)


Episode 7 sees the Heron and his allies take on their most difficult mission yet on the eve of an all-out war

This recap of Netflix anime series Blood of Zeus season 1, episode 7, “The Fields of the Dead” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Seraphim finds Zeus and manages to pierce his flesh. He then cuts off Zeus’s head. Hera congratulates him and asks him how it feels. However, it’s a dream from the Oneri and Zeus tells Seraphim that Hera has been filling his head with false confidence and lies. Zeus admits to underestimating his uncle’s greed; he gives Seraphim visions of all the times he helped him. Zeus reveals that Hera was the reason that Seraphim’s mother died. Zeus gives him a coin and tells him that’s where he will find his vengeance.

More twists and turns; Zeus versus Hera becomes psychological warfare as they feed the main weapon in their version of events. Episode 7 is a great penultimate chapter.

The Fields of the Dead

Alexia and the others arrive at the Fields of the Dead. Chiron tells them that they will need to move quickly and never to turn around. Alexia tells Chiron to go home as they cannot risk him as well. The group slowly move through the mist — many spirits and illusions face the group which try to deceive them. Loved ones return as well. The group make it to the other side.

Heron arrives to help them, and he asks Alexia if she has the map — “Let’s finish this”.

Finding the uncle

Seraphim finds his uncle Acrisius in a cave. The uncle admits to seeing an opportunity and taking it. When Seraphim tells him he would have never killed a child, Acrisius calls him weak. Seraphim slowly wounds his uncle in different areas of his body and then kills him. Once dead, Seraphim punches him over and over again.

This is the kind of scene that demonstrates unrivalled and untapped revenge at a high degree — it looks so exhausting, and it forces the viewers to question the purpose of seeking and achieving revenge.

Seraphim has a proposition

Alexia, Heron and co continue walking deep into the earth to carry out the mission to burn the Giant remains. When they get to their location, they cannot find the remains. Seraphim shows up with his army — he’s the one that moved the Giants’ remains. He asks Heron if he’s tired of being a pawn and if he wants to avenge their mother’s death and end the reign of the Gods. Seraphim wants Heron to join him.

Fighting ensues as Heron rejects the offer. The group flees away from the demon army, and they hop on to the large bird.

This scene is the first time where Seraphim recognizes how similar he and Heron are — not just by blood, but by circumstance and fate as well.

The ending

Apollo tries to fight Hera, but she undoes him as she saw it coming. Meanwhile, Seraphim tries to take the cauldron, but its protector attacks him. He uses his powerful sword to defeat the large enemy. As he escapes, Hera takes the cauldron off him. She uses her powers, and red beams enter the ocean — she’s brought back the Giants.

Hera then pretends to be Apollo and stabs Zeus in the neck. As the chapter ends, the Giants leave the ocean. Zeus lays in a pool of his own blood.

Blood of Zeus season 1, episode 7 sees the Heron and his allies take on their most difficult mission yet on the eve of an all-out war. This is a well-constructed penultimate chapter.

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