Blood of Zeus season 1, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 27, 2020 (Last updated: last month)
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Blood of Zeus Recap
Blood of Zeus Season 1 (Credit - Netflix)


Episode 8 is an ending that’s not just about the greatly anticipated war, but it tests allegiances and gives Heron his biggest objective of the series — to prove himself.

This recap of Netflix anime series Blood of Zeus season 1, episode 8, “War for Olympus” — the ending explained — contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

The final episode begins with a beautiful shot of the Giants walking in the distance which shows how much thought the creators put into this show. Hera rises, and one of the Giants tries to attack her. She uses her cauldron to disarm it and transfer their energy into the device. The Giants know she controls them now. Hera asks them to help her kill Zeus, and in return, she’ll let them have their sea back.

This is the last throw of the dice by Hera to exact her revenge, and she’s going to extreme lengths to achieve it.

Zeus announces a war against the Giants

Zeus is still retching in his own blood. His eyes crackle with electricity as he heals himself. Poseidon offers to join Zeus as he risks losing his sea. He gives Zeus a suggestion to where the cauldron is. Zeus gives a speech that they need to battle and distract Hera while they grab the cauldron. Heron offers to find it as Hera will not expect him to be the one going for it.

And so it begins

The giants arrive, and there is great anticipation. Evios and Kofi admit that they sold Giant remains to Seraphim. Heron tells them that it’s their time for redemption. Zeus then asks his army to fire at the Giants, and the war begins. Zeus tells Heron to show the world who he really is.

The whole build-up is exciting — 8 chapters leading up to this.

Retrieving the cauldron

The Giants reach Olympus; Heron goes on his mission to get the cauldron. He jumps on his bird as he suspects he knows where the cauldron is. It’s in the sky surrounded by a flock of blackbirds. Meanwhile, Zeus tries to reason with Hera, but she resists his efforts. Thunderbolts hit her from the sky, and Heron dives to grab the cauldron.

Zeus pleads with Hera again, however, she once again refuses to reason with him. A Giant then grabs Hera, and as it is about to kill her, Zeus saves her. Hera pants and struggles in her own pool of blood.

Zeus and Hera still love each other

And through all the drama and war, the ending of Blood of Zeus season 1 presents how Zeus and Hera did have something there for each other — they’ve been ripped apart from adultery, power and greed.

A Giant now captures Zeus. As the Giant is about to finish Hera off, both characters experience flashbacks which remind them of their love for each other. Zeus exerts all his power to hurt the Giant to save Hera. Meanwhile, Seraphim grabs Heron mid-flight and then lets him go for not joining him.

Seraphim versus Heron

Seraphim then tries to kill Hera, but then he notices a flock of birds change their path. Heron manages to retrieve the cauldron again. Seraphim then turns his attention to Alexia, but then Heron decides to fight him. He suddenly feels stronger than usual — his father speaks to him and tells him it is time. He remembers his father reminding him of his anger as Seraphim fights back.

Heron proves himself once and for all

Heron’s anger has been a strong theme throughout this Netflix anime series and the Blood of Zeus season 1 ending brings that theme full circle.

Seraphim asks Heron to join him again, but he ignores him. As Seraphim grabs him, Heron decides to be calm, rather than angry. He lets Seraphim stab him with his spear and then tears flow down his face. He plunges the spear through his body and pierces Seraphim right through him. Heron tells Seraphim that he’s against him and then his eyes light up with electricity and he finishes him.

He then grabs the cauldron, and he sucks in all the energies of the Giants to end the war. Heron has proved himself.

The ending

Heron wakes up in a bed in Olympus — he’s feeling bruised and sore. He leaves his room, and he sees the other Gods. Kofi tells him that he has a good scar now.

Seraphim wakes up in a misty place. Hades greets him, and he realises he is a spirit. Seraphim sees Hell in the distance. Hades offers to help him but asks for a favour — to kneel. Seraphim screams in sorrow and pain — once again, he is a pawn for someone else.

Blood of Zeus season 1, episode 8 is an ending that’s not just about the greatly anticipated war, but it tests allegiances and gives Heron his biggest objective of the series — to prove himself. This is an electric ending.

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