Kaali Khuhi review – a horror film that only attempts to provide atmosphere they left the script at home.



Kaali Khuhi is another horror dud that seems to be a regular occurrence on streaming services.

This review of Netflix film Kaali Khuhi contains no spoilers. The Hindi horror film was released on the platform on October 30, 2020.

Netflix’s Kaali Khuhi follows a young girl trying to protect her friends and family who are getting tormented by ghosts with a horrific past. The horror film attempts to be atmospheric — the film’s use of foggy scenes and a murky exterior is designed to keep the audience spooked while we wait with bated breath to see who is next to be crippled by evil.

But the director must have left the script at home because Kaali Khuhi only attempts an atmosphere. The plot meanders along as Shivangi desperately takes on the ultimate test to save her loved ones. I cannot recall any dialogue or a scene in particular that served any impact. Without a story to cling on to, the horror becomes baseless as the cast feels like they are meandering to the end to facilitate a conclusion which serves no excitement whatsoever.

To end horror month in 2020, Netflix released three films — I should have done His House last, a film by comparison that provides depth to the story; horror is only one of the elements the story is trying to portray. Kaali Khuhi, like many pretentious horrors that are released regularly, falls into the trap of aesthetics over substance. It forgets that the viewers have to care about the characters and this leaves any wonder or mystery to their imagination.

That’s not to say that the acting on display is not any good; in fact, for what they are given, the cast does a standard job of getting it over the line. The younger cast seems to understand the crux of the story and embrace their characters.

Kaali Khuhi is another horror dud that seems to be a regular occurrence on streaming services.

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