Private Lives episode 10 recap – Kim Myung-hyun gets in on the action

November 5, 2020
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Privates Lives episode 10 has some thrilling action as the story enters the high-octane phase of the k-drama series.

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Privates Lives episode 10 has some thrilling action as the story enters the high-octane phase of the k-drama series.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Privates Lives episode 10 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Cha Joo-eun is sent a warning by her mother, but she’s surrounded by the men who have captured her anyway. Kim Jun-beom comes to the rescue, and as always, his MMA is ridiculous as he fights through everyone. Afterwards, Cha Joo-eun rings her mother and apologises — her mother tells her not to see Lee Jeong-hwan again as it is too dangerous.

We all knew Cha Joo-eun is not going to take her mother’s advice.

Cha Joo-eun feels she was the bait

Cha Joo-eun believes she was the bait to lure out Lee Jeong-hwan who has faked his death. Kim Jun-beom explains that they have all crossed the line. Episode 10 confirms that all characters are in danger now; the plot is established for the remaining 7 chapters.

Cha Joo-eun tells Kim Jun-beom that Yoo Mi-young’s car is still at the agency and she wants to check out the dashcam. As usual, Kim Jun-beom is risk-averse and advises against it.

Kim Jae-wook finally confronts Lee Jeong-hwan in a face-off

Lee Jeong-hwan sees Park Tae-joo captured by the same men who tried capturing Cha Joo-eun. And then his luck runs out as he is immediately surrounded. Kim Jae-wook confronts him after ten years and tells him that he used to be loyal to GK Technology. Lee Jeong-hwan asks why he had to die — Kim Jae-wook brings up how Lee Jeong-hwan fell in love with Cha Joo-eun and his ambition became too big. Lee Jeong-hwan asks why he couldn’t have the ledger if Kim Jae-wook were allowed as he would have put it to better use.

Fighting them off

Kim Jae-wook asks Lee Jeong-hwan to return the ledger — Jeong-hwan wants assurances that he will be left alone, but Jae-wook cannot offer it. A fight ensues where Lee Jeong-hwan fights them all. He tries his best to beat them all, but he starts suffering — Cha Joo-eun watches from a distance, looking upset. Kim Jae-wook asks him which leg does he want to keep, but Lee Jeong-hwan tells him to f*ck off. As Kim Jae-wook is about to use an ax on him, Kim Jun-beom turns up — it’s like WWE at this point; what a superhero.

Private Lives serves better with the action more than the storyline sometimes — this was thrilling in episode 10.

Is it over between Cha Joo-eun and Lee Jeong-hwan? Doesn’t look like it

Now back to safety, Cha Joo-eun tends to Lee Jeong-hwan’s wounds while he is laid on the bed asleep. When he wakes up, he asks Cha Joo-eun if she ever loved him. Her face says it all — of course, she did.

Cha Joo-eun then argues about the jewelry that was hidden and the money. Lee Jeong-hwan tells her it is all in the bank safe. This is basic, crime life bickering — couple goals.

Bok-gi wants to know what happened

Kim Jun-beom shows Bok-gi footage of Kim Jae-wook running at the car with the dashcam. Bok-gi wants to speak to Cha Joo-eun and Lee Jeong-hwan about it immediately, mocking Kim Jun-beom in the process for blocking her — she senses that he’s in love with Cha Joo-eun.

She asks why GK Technology director Kim and Kim Jae-wook are working together. Lee Jeong-hwan says one word — “Kingmaker” which Bok-gi replies to with, “President of Korea”.

Lee Jeong-hwan’s next plan

Lee Jeong-hwan is determined to clear Cha Joo-eun’s name because he doesn’t want anything to happen to her. Remember the woman who Kim Jae-wook sent to the agency in the previous episode? Well, Lee Jeong-hwan puts her husband in a compromising position and then helps him escape from Kim Jae-wook’s men.

Cha Joo-eun meets the detective

And then episode 10 sees Cha Joo-eun using Detective Kim Myung-hyun’s insecurities against him to get him on their side — she still has her manipulative skills.

Cha Joo-eun tells Detective Kim Myung-hyun that GK Technology is behind the case and the cops should do something about it. She asks him if he’s “in or not”. She mocks him and tells him that the cops are powerless and he should quit out of shame. The detective walks off and tells her next time he will arrest her.

A reunion with father

Cha Joo-eun sees her father for the first time since he has left prison. He burns himself by accident, so he helps him. The father tells her that she didn’t answer his calls, but she has no recollection of receiving them. The father explains that he needs to find a decent job, and then they can meet up properly.

Kim Myung-hyun goes rogue

Medical examiner Kim Hyeong-jong enters the chief deputy’s office –detective Kim Myung-hyun is asking questions about Lee Jeong-hwan’s autopsy. His feelings are clearly hurt after Cha Joo-eun’s comments, and he wants to go rogue and investigate. He’s spying on his own department. He then rings Cha Joo-eun and agrees to work with her. Detective Kim Myung-hyun asks if the “Helmet man” is Lee Jeong-hwan which catches her off guard.

Will she tell him?

The ending

Bok-gi remembers a flashback with Kim Jae-wook. They are eating together, and she compliments his cooking. In the present, she purposefully throws a milkshake over Bae-jong, a man who works at the National Tax Service, and makes out like it was an accident. Mr. Cho confronts Bae-jong aggressively, and she defends him. She gives him his number and offers to wash or buy him a new suit.

Later, Bae-jong rings Bok-gi the next day and tells her about a “childhood friend” she asked about. He gives her an address. She’s trying to find Kim Jae-wook herself. Bok-gi reaches the address and plans to go inside. Will she get her revenge?

Privates Lives episode 10 has some thrilling action as the story enters the high-octane phase of the k-drama series. The story could go anywhere at this stage as the characters are teaming up and uncovering the conspiracies that are putting them all in grave danger.

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