Long Way Up episode 10 recap – what happened in “Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala & Mexico”?

November 6, 2020
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Episode 10 feels like the end of the world as the entire crew have this sense of anticipation to complete their achievement.

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Episode 10 feels like the end of the world as the entire crew have this sense of anticipation to complete their achievement.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Long Way Up season 1, episode 10, “Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala & Mexico” contains significant spoilers.

We will be recapping every episode — check out the archive.

The opening

Charley and Ewan are riding together again. They head to Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica and Ewan meets his adopted daughter. It’s a lovely reunion as they have a BBQ next to a campfire on the beach. The next day they go to see Masaya Volcano, which is active. Ewan talks about how it’s amazing to have his daughter on the trip.

Meeting UNICEF

Ewan and Charley head into Choloma, Honduras to meet UNICEF again. This is an area where people used to be killed just for walking on the streets. They meet the children who have helped recover the place. The local teens raise awareness regarding gangs. The gangs try to use children to do their dirty work. Afterwards, Ewan and Charley head to the Guatemala border crossing.

Cartel warnings

The crew have been warned about cartels at night — they shouldn’t ride in the dark. Security concerns are real. There is a fascinating scene where the crew, Ewan, and Charley look at cartel hotspots at night. There are plans to use a bus to cross the border, but they made need a special permit.

It’s the end of the road for one person; Ewan’s adopted daughter talks about her father and how she wasn’t sure why he adopted her out of all the other children but that she feels appreciative.

Back to the dangerous route

It’s back to their risky journey through the country; there’s tension as the group starts their route. Ewan seems nervous after hearing how an actor was kidnapped in the city. He explains how they haven’t published their trip, but every selfie gives away their location. In this scene, it’s almost like Ewan is now fully aware of how his global status can put the crew at risk.

The bus

The production crew finally get hold of their bus in Mexico. They have to push it to get it going. The producer has some fun riding it to test it out. Meanwhile, Ewan and Charley are exploring Chahuites, Mexico — they feel it’s a real Mexican town.

The ending

Ewan and Charley head to Tehuantepec to meet a group of men who dress as women as part of their culture — they are called muxes. Meanwhile, the producer is trying to get the bus fully prepared in a few days — it’s a week’s work, but he’s trying to fit it all in. Everything needs fixing and refurbishing.

As we reach near the end of the series, Charley discusses how he will miss all the traveling. A security man updates the crew about routes to try their best to avoid the cartel. There’s fear amongst everyone.

Long Way Up episode 10 feels like the end of the world as the entire crew has this sense of anticipation to complete their achievement.

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