Start-Up episode 7 recap – Dal-mi and [spoiler] kiss

November 7, 2020
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Episode 7 slows down the story, but there is a time-bomb ready to go off — the unspoken and unknown love triangle centres all the entrepreneurial tropes.

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Episode 7 slows down the story, but there is a time-bomb ready to go off — the unspoken and unknown love triangle centres all the entrepreneurial tropes.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Start-Up episode 7 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Han Ji-pyeong is regretting being a mentor for Samsan Tech due to all the questions he’s getting from Dal-mi. Afterwards, he tells her that Samsan Tech will get the funds. Do-san then reveals he wants to tell Dal-mi the truth about “the secret” but Han Ji-pyeong is very against it; he’s frustrated at Do-san’s perceived authority over him all of a sudden.

The tension between Do-san and Han Ji-pyeong seems to be one-sided; Do-san seems to be cool about everything, while the other is growing frustrated.

Visiting Ms Choi

Do-san visits Ms Choi with Dal-mi for a meal. Ms Choi asks Dal-mi to go to the shop, and that gives her the chance to speak to Do-san. She tells him to keep pretending to be the original Do-san because if not, Dal-mi will be resentful — Ms Choi is worried that the secret will destroy her life. She gets emotional, explaining to Do-san how much he has meant to Dal-mi in the past. Do-san understands now that there’s way more at stake than his guilt.

And then Han Ji-pyeong enters the fray

Han Ji-pyeong then heads over to Ms Choi’s place, and he has to pretend that he doesn’t know her. What follows is a meal that has a strange togetherness to it. Ms Choi does not look comfortable at all — and why would she? The entire scenario unfolding here is one big fat lie for Dal-mi, causing great guilt for the grandmother.

Do-san asks Han Ji-pyeong an important question

On the way home, Do-san asks Han Ji-pyeong if he’s jealous of the situation — he had to ask this because quite frankly, his business associate is acting emotionally. Han is being a petulant child who isn’t getting his way. The way he drives off from Do-san says everything you need to know — he’s feeling emotionally connected to Dal-mi. He has feelings — the audience can only reach one conclusion.

Finances, expenses and prototypes

The next day, Dal-mi discusses with the team finances and expenses. She tells the team they need to yield results in the next 6 months. Do-san bumps into Nam Cheon-ho, his cousin, at SandBox. Dal-mi knows him as “Mr One Percent”. He shows the team a device that gauges their emotions — he wants feedback on the prototype. They realise the device will be good to help them understand their decisions. Afterwards, the team brainstorm ideas regarding the company’s solution.

In-jae and her stepfather still have beef

In-jae’s stepfather still wants to meet In-jae with her business, but she doesn’t want his involvement and tells him to keep a distance, quietly. She orders him to find himself another team. Dal-mi sees the altercation from a distance. She confronts her sister, and In-jae tells her to stop making excuses and seize opportunities. The sibling rivalry is intense, but In-jae gives her information on an AI project she should take with her stepfather. It’s a strange thing to suggest from the sister — does she have an ulterior motive?

Taking on a new project

In-jae reports back to the team about the AI project they should take on to make some money — she asks the team if they are in and they all agree to move forward with it. Afterwards, she apologises to Do-san as he knows he has an idea that he wants to create.

Han Ji-pyeong’s outburst

It was only a matter of time for Han Ji-pyeong to have an outburst, but it’s getting to the point where he’s going to want Dal-mi to know who he really is.

Dal-mi catches Han Ji-pyeong after he has been avoiding her. She tells him about her proposal to Morning Group to work on an AI Project. She gives him an incombustible bag that he’s been talking about and he asks her why she’s been nosy — Dal-mi was trying to be nice, but Han Ji-pyeong tells her he doesn’t want help.

A meeting that goes wrong

Dal-mi heads over to a meeting with Do-san to meet with In-jae’s stepfather about the project — she feels like it is enemy territory but stresses that they need an ally. She gives her proposal to the man — The Morning Group agrees to work with Samsan Tech — however, they don’t want them to create a solution, they want them to collect data for them. Do-san is clearly not happy with this. And then In-jae’s father says something that doesn’t hit Dal-mi right — “If you chose to follow your mother, you’d be my daughter now.” Her eyes fill with tears — such scorching words. The man is smug about it; Do-san picks up a glass and smashes it then tells the man to shut up and states he cannot work with this company.

This is the first time Do-san has shown some real passion, and it was in defence of Dal-mi — the story is about whether it works in his favour.

The ending

Dal-mi chases Do-san outside. He tells her that he will bring in 10 billion won. She kisses him randomly, and they embrace. Dal-mi tells Do-san that they should implement the idea he brought to the table. A flashback occurs of Do-san presenting to the team — he has an idea for an app for the visually impaired. It will tell the user where to go and what to do. The technology acts as their eyes. In the present day, Do-san and Dal-mi kiss again.

In the epilogues, Ms. Choi asks Dal-mi if she prefers the letters from Do-san or the adult version. Dal-mi says she’d pick the one who sent her letters 15 years ago because he was her first love. She explains that she is still getting used to the Do-san in the present, but a few odd moments excite her.

Start-Up episode 7 slows down the story, but there is a time-bomb ready to go off — the unspoken and unknown love triangle centres all the entrepreneurial tropes.

Developer notes
  • Jung Sa-ha tells Yong-san that he looks cute and Chul-san gets a little jealous.
  • On the mood board at SandBox, Han Ji-pyeong and Yoon Seon-hak see “I want revenge” written on there, and they are both concerned.

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