Dash & Lily season 1, episode 4 recap – what happened in “Cinderella”?

November 10, 2020
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Episode 4 puts doubt in the lead characters’ minds as they are facing an obstacle with their notebook.

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Episode 4 puts doubt in the lead characters’ minds as they are facing an obstacle with their notebook.

This recap of Netflix’s Dash & Lily season 1, episode 4, “Cinderella” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Dash heads to the club the next morning and he asks for the notebook but he’s told that Lily didn’t leave it. He scours the club to find the notebook. In the bathroom, he finds a message on the mirror that says, “But I’m scared”. Outside he finds Lily’s red boot hence the episode title “Cinderella”.

So Episode 4 is following a traditional romantic fairytale with a twist.

Finding Lily

Boomer wonders if Lily has quit but he wants to download the mommy app so these women investigators find her using a photo of the red boot. The first part of the investigation is to head to the Theatre Development Fund organization in Queens, New York. Dash finds out the boot is from there. He asks one of the staff members if they can have an address so he can help find his “Cinderella”.

Meeting the great aunt

Meanwhile, Lily is considering quitting. She wants Dash to remember her as cool. Dash stands outside her house with Boomer but he’s hesitating. When Dash knocks on the door, an older woman named Lilian answers the door and thanks him for bringing her boot back. Lilian reveals herself as Lily’s great aunt — she gave her the red boots. Dash asks her where Lily is but Lilian is not interested because Dash says he is not in love.

Dash admits to caring about Lily and suddenly Lilian agrees to help.

Lilian turns up

Lilian goes to Lily’s place. She tells him that Dash has tracked her boot. Lily is still doubting herself, believing that Dash will not be interested in her.

The lack of self-esteem from both lead characters is quite tragic to see — they both lack confidence.

Lily’s grandfather Arthur is angry at Lilian and asks her to leave — there’s a bad family history between them. Lilian tells Lily to speak to her grandfather who is crying. The grandfather reveals he proposed to Mabel but she turned him down because she doesn’t want to move to New York. Lily asks him if he likes Florida but he’s all about family in New York. The grandfather admits he was too harsh on her and he overreacted.

Delivering the notebook

Lily and her grandfather go out for pizza and they end up at the store Boomer works at. She gives Boomer the notebook and asks him to hand it to Dash by 5 pm.

The pen palling is back on.

The ending

Boomer gives Dash the notebook and tells him he has to leave right now. Dash runs to the subway. Lily admits to Dash that she had fun at the club and it was a whole new experience for her. She tells Dash to go to Dyker Heights and start at the Nutcracker house.

She tells him to write down what he sees and to give it a chance. He notices an older couple standing in front of the house and believes they must visit this place every year — it’s a street of houses full of Christmas lights.

Dash goes to the last house on the block and a sign lights up with the word “Believe”. Lily has left a message saying she believes in him.

And then there’s a curveball — Sofia messages him asking Dash if he’s in town. This is getting juicy.

Dash & Lily season 1, episode 4 puts doubt in the lead characters’ minds as they are facing an obstacle with their notebook. It works in the story’s favor having a rock in the road because it was way too ideal before.

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