Start-Up episode 10 recap – Do-san is offered a lucrative opportunity

November 15, 2020
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Episode 10 deals with the consequences of Dal-mi finding out the truth; the chapter deals with a new dynamic now that the group of characters are not as solid as they were previously.

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Episode 10 deals with the consequences of Dal-mi finding out the truth; the chapter deals with a new dynamic now that the group of characters are not as solid as they were previously.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Start-Up episode 10 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

After a significant revelation, Dal-mi is in tears. She asks Han Ji-pyeong for the truth — “No more lies”. Han Ji-pyeong tells her about the letters and how her grandmother asked for help; he explains how they found Do-san’s name in a random newspaper because he was hailed a “child genius”. Han Ji-pyeong answers many questions, revealing how they got to this very moment. He insists that Do-san’s feelings for her are real, but Dal-mi is devastated and walks away. Episode 10 is mostly dealing with the consequences of the lie — audiences knew this moment would come.

Do-san apologises

Do-san finds Dal-mi at the bus station; he holds her hand and tells her to stop crying, but she looks drained and empty. Do-san tells her he just wanted to make her dream true for one day, but he never gave himself the chance to stop because he felt happy as well. He apologises, but Dal-mi doesn’t want an apology, she wants him to admit that he is the Do-san she knew, because if not, then all of what they’ve experienced is fake. Dal-mi is not ready to face reality in this scene; she wants it to remain magical.

A painful crossroad

Do-san breaks down completely, stating he was desperate to be the person she wanted him to be and that it was so hard to bear, but Dal-mi walks off. Both actors are acting their hearts out here. The pain is deep for both characters. They were lost before they found hope in each other.

Dal-mi lays down a new rule

The next day, Do-san waits for Dal-mi outside before work and walks with her. She tells Do-san that it pains her to see him, but she needs to make NoonGil work while trying to pretend nothing has happened — she asks him not to meet her outside again.

Dealing with the PR issue

In-jae confronts her attacker, Oh Yeon-ho. She’s brought reporters with her. She asks if she can arrange a meeting with the construction company. Do-san’s father is one of the protestors. She asks about his son Nam Do-san; she states how his son’s company will mean people will lose jobs as well. While walking with In-jae, the father pretends to faint. When he gets home, he tells his wife that he may be ruining his son’s future by protesting, and now the guilt rests on his shoulders.

An offer for Do-san

Alex asks Do-san if he’d be interested in being an engineer at Silicon Valley. It’s an amazing offer at a reputable company named 2STO. Do-san is not sure, and Alex keeps trying to persuade him, saying he will help him achieve his dreams and ensure that Samsan Tech is supported. Do-san states his dream is “a person”, and not necessarily linked to success.

Plucking up the courage

Dal-mi plucks up the courage to face her team; she offers everyone a coffee and the others note how awkward it is. Meanwhile, Han Ji-pyeong tells Ms Choi that he’s worried about Dal-mi. Ms Choi believed that white lies were harmless until now. The scene where Dal-mi plucked up courage is a heartfelt one. You can feel the character’s hesitancy as she walks into the office and facing her nightmare.

Do-san’s intentions were good

Han Ji-pyeong arranges lunch with Dal-mi; he tells her that he doesn’t like Do-san that much, but that she shouldn’t get the wrong idea because most of Do-san’s actions were genuine. Han Ji-pyeong admits to having feelings for her while mixing his noodles as he wants full honesty. Episode 10 shows how Han Ji-pyeong believes he has a chance romantically with Dal-mi.

We can’t be brothers anymore

Han Ji-pyeong meets Do-san and asks about the business model for NoonGil. Do-san writes it all down as they will be asked this on demo-day. Han Ji-pyeong then tells Do-san that he’s admitted his feelings for Dal-mi so they cannot afford to be brothers anymore. He’s playing a power play with Do-san here, but the story is still promoting Do-san as the likely romantic partner of Dal-mi.

Drowning sorrows

Dal-mi sits at a bar and drowns her sorrows with another woman about the situation with Do-san. While she sits and expresses her sadness, Do-san is sat behind her, listening. She states that her job is to sell an unprofitable business. Her self esteem is at an all-time low. The woman tells Dal-mi to ask for help from her ancestors by holding a ceremony which will bring good fortune.

Taking Dal-mi home

Do-san likes the sound of this ceremony and joins the table to listen to the ancestors idea. He wants to understand the data and results for something spiritual. A drunk Dal-mi puts her head on Do-san’s shoulder and falls asleep. Do-san helps her get home, which reveals that it may not be over for their friendship, at least.

Can you turn up again?

Drunk and stumbling, Dal-mi asks Do-san if he can turn up again at a networking party — she tells him that he showed up on the most miserable day of her life; that day, Do-san was her dream. She believes if they can recreate that day, it will bring her confidence back. Dal-mi is indirectly asking if they can start again.

Do-san runs home and leaves Dal-mi at the park. He returns with the same suit he had on that day at the networking event, but Dal-mi has left the park.

Do-san confronts his father

In-jae asks Do-san if his father is okay after he “fainted”. Do-san is unaware of what she’s talking about. Meanwhile, the father is still pretending to be sick. Do-san approaches his father about the protests and tells him he should fight for what he believes in.


Han Ji-pyeong turns up at demo-day and advises In-jae and Dal-mi. It’s all about getting an investor who agrees with their business philosophy. Dal-mi is very nervous. Behind her, a couple of people are asking In-jae if she’s the girl who is in Sand Box’s logo. She lies and says it was her, but it was really Dal-mi. Meanwhile, Han Ji-pyeong tells Chul-san, Yong-san and Jung Sa-ha to tell Dal-mi not to be nervous as he will be Plan B. It looks like the character is still wanting to provide and care for Dal-mi.

Do-san asks In-jae to apologise

Dal-mi confronts In-jae about stealing her memory. She used the story in her Sand Box application. In-jae turns it around on Dal-mi and accuses her of being scared and lacking confidence. Do-san turns up and asks In-jae to apologise for stealing the memory. Do-san tells Dal-mi he was going to wear the suit at demo-day, but it isn’t him. He doesn’t want to confuse her and asks Dal-mi to forget everything she knows about him so far. He then grabs her shoulders and tells her that Samsan Tech could not have gotten this far without her. He’s injecting confidence in her again in a chapter that’s been a relatively low point for Dal-mi.

Why did you kill my brother?

Episode 10 offers a twist. If you remember from an earlier episode, Yoon Seon-hak found a young man committing suicide by jumping off the bridge — that man worked at Sand Box. While in the elevator, Yong-san asks Han Ji-pyeong why he was so harsh on his brother — he then asks why he killed him. Han Ji-pyeong is shocked by the question and wonders what he’s talking about. Yong-san grabs him and pushes him into the wall. This is an interesting subplot that could potentially be a significant secret that hampers Han Ji-pyeong’s influence with Samsan Tech.

The ending

Do-san asks Alex if the offer still stands regarding Silicon Valley on the terms that he will help Samsan Tech. Alex states the offer is still on the table.

In the epilogue, Han Ji-pyeong is drunk, and he’s astounded that he told Dal-mi that he likes her while mixing noodles. He admits to being scared of rejection. He’s starting to regret telling her. He’s talking to the same woman that Dal-mi drowned her sorrows with. She advises that Han Ji-pyeong speaks to her ancestors.

Start-Up episode 10 deals with the consequences of Dal-mi finding out the truth; the chapter deals with a new dynamic now that the group of characters are not as solid as they were previously.

Developer notes
  • Jung Sa-ha admits to having a crush on Chul-san but then retracts her statement and tells him she was lying for his sake, just like Do-san did to Dal-mi. Later on, Jung Sa-ha holds Chul-san’s hands, and he goes bright red. He asks Jung Sa-ha to stop being confusing.
  • Ms Choi finds her daughter taking down her adverts for part-time positions. She asks her mother if she can work part-time for her. Dal-mi’s mother has left home and needed help. Ms Choi does not warm to the idea.
  • Chairman Won asks In-jae’s mother to come home. She gets emotional and remembers her ex-husband. Ms Choi intervenes and stops Won from grabbing her.

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