Mismatched season 1 review – a sweet but predictable story The hopeless romantic and the tech geek.



Mismatched presents two hopeful souls trying to make their way through life, which is backed by a sweet story.

This review of Netflix’s Mismatched season 1 contains no spoilers. The drama series was released on the streaming service on November 20, 2020.

Like Dash & LilyNetflix’s Mismatched pits two adults in similar worlds in a long-burning romance series where the conclusion feels predictable as the story wears on. There’s a lot of cultural implications in this Indian comedy-drama, mostly circling family expectations of what the two characters should seek; Dimple and Rishi are both expected to find a life partner.

But amongst the madness of matrimonial dating apps is a summer course at college, perfect for two teens who want to strive outside the realms of relationships and marriage — but you always sense that it hangs over them in this drama series like a quick-moving cloud.

However, while Dimple seems against the idea of finding a life partner, Rishi is seemingly a hopeless romantic. Rishi has a belief that Dimple is the one he should be marrying; in the opening chapter, Rishi approaches Dimple and plunges into marriage terminology, which does not end well for him. From here, Mismatched becomes your atypical rom-com of two teens navigating their platonic friendship while battling with usual youthful issues.

As for the comedy, Mismatched is not exactly funny but it is amusing; it relies on anticipation and hope from the characters. The series has chosen a light approach, and Dimple gives off that Never Have I Ever vibe, honing in on Devi’s imagination and finding a different purpose in life. That likeness is a plus for the Netflix series that revels in troublesome teenagers and misunderstandings.

But, on a minor negative note, Mismatched season 1 is hardly anything new; it’s a teen series that we’ve all seen before across many cultures and languages. Is it still worth the watch? Definitely. Mismatched presents two hopeful souls trying to make their way through life, which is backed by a sweet story.

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