Virgin River season 2, episode 10 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 27, 2020 (Last updated: December 5, 2023)
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Netflix series Virgin River season 2, episode 10 - Blown Away - the ending explained


“Blown Away” is an explosive ending which we all expected. It puts the audience in a false sense of security, making them feel that the war will be over with Calvin and his drug empire; however, the finale demonstrates that it’s only just begun.

This recap of Netflix’s Virgin River season 2, episode 10, “Blown Away” — the ending explained — contains significant spoilers.

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The opening 

Doc finds Hope in her bedroom and tells her that Muriel’s friend specializes in vintage jewelry, so he flew to Seattle to get the ring. Hope lays down some rules; no more surprises and she will not be cooking all the time. Doc tells her that he wants them to be together. Hope agrees to marry him again and raises the idea about renewing their vows and Doc is on board. The vows will come with a small reception. “Blown Away” gives something for the audience to be happy about in the Virgin River Season 2 ending.

Jack is still beat up about Spencer  

Jack tells Mel that the whole Spencer situation is eating on his mind. Mel wonders what the full story is and asks Jack not to do anything for one day and clear his head. Jack agrees but that he will not hand it off to the sheriff. When Jack leaves, Mel rings Lilly and asks about Brady. “Blown Away” sees Mel going to war for Jack; she can see it is killing him. 

The meeting arranged by Connie 

Connie speaks to Ricky’s grandma Lydie about Ricky sleeping with Lizzie. There’s a meeting about it, but Lizzie doesn’t care about the drama. Ricky’s grandma tells Connie that they are adults and that Lizzie is lucky to have him. Connie doesn’t want to hear it and tells Lizzie that if she spends time with Ricky, she will not be allowed to stay. Connie reveals herself to be extremely religious and traditional in “Blown Away” — talking about sins and damning the teenagers for having sex. 

Preacher makes a decision 

Preacher speaks to Jack about demons that haunt them. He brings up Jack’s stress and the issues that impact him; he tells him that something has to change. Jack doesn’t seem interested in talking about feelings and brushes off the conversation. Afterward, Preacher rings Jamie and tells her he wants to take the job in San Francisco. He then tells Connie that despite Paige being safe, he’s sure that he saw Wes at the bar like a ghost in the past — he knows there was a warrant out to arrest him. The man just looked like him. Connie tells him she hopes Paige comes back one day and that it’s improbable that he saw Wes. “Blown Away” makes Preacher’s decision on his career pivotal to how the whole situation pans out with his alibi. 

Charmaine learns about the house Jack is buying

Charmaine asks Jack to come over and tells him that the sink is clogged up. She overhears him talking to his estate agent about the house. She seems happy that Jack is committing to looking after her and the children. Charmaine thanks him for caring and hugs him; but then the mood changes — she tries kissing him, but she got the wrong idea. Charmaine is confused by Jack’s efforts and calls him “Unbelievable'”. Jack tells Charmaine that they are never getting back together. Charmaine tells Jack that she wants a husband and that the man she will marry will be the twins’ father. These were harsh, unwarranted words; especially when Charmaine decided to have the children. Be interesting to see how she treats Jack in Season 3. 

Meeting Brady

Mel visits the lumberyard to meet Brady. He drags her away and tells her to meet him a mile away. Mel gets in a truck with him and tells him that Jack will protect him no matter what — she asks for his help. Brady shows Mel where Spencer’s grave is. 

The twin brother 

At the bar, Preacher sees a man that looks like Wes walk in and serves him. He says he is the twin brother of Wes and that he’s looking for Paige and his niece. He’s called Vince and is an investigator for Miami PD. Vince tells Preacher to “stop the act” and leaves a message for Paige. Preacher’s cover-up is slowly narrowing. 

Mel will do anything for Jack

When Jack visits Mel, she shows him a video proving that Spencer is still alive. Brady helped Spencer, Maxine and their baby hop on a coach and faked Spencer’s death. Mel tells Jack that she was trying to help him. She also believes that Brady wants out. Jack is surprised by how much Mel cares and is willing to put herself in danger for him, and it leads to more intimate moments between them. After they have sex, Mel tells Jack that she feels happy and safe. This is the first time we have seen these two characters so naturally relaxed together; the situations that have occurred have brought them both together. 

The ending 

The ending of Virgin River Season 2 brings a dramatic climax.

Ricky throws marbles at Lizzie’s window to get her attention. She comes outside, and he gives her a cake. Lizzie says they are like Romeo and Juliet; this looks to be a relationship that will continue in Season 3.

As for Preacher; a friend of Paige named Sally visits Preacher and says that Wes’s brother found her and left a message. Christopher runs up to Preacher and hugs him. It looks like Preacher will not be moving to San Francisco — at least that’s what Season 2 is telling the audience. His priority must be Christopher.

In terms of the remarried couple; as Hope and Doc get home, there’s a surprise engagement party waiting for them. It’s only taken them two seasons to sort all this out!

But Season 2 ends in horrific circumstances. It starts with Jack receiving an update from Mike and his operation on Calvin; he tells him that Brady is going to be arrested as well. Later in the evening, Mel enters Jack’s Bar, which is closed; she finds Jack on the floor, with a bad, bloody wound on his stomach, and he is almost unconscious. She’s trying to remain calm while trying to help him, but the panic is there to see; surely Mel cannot lose another man that she loves. That would be heartbreaking.

Virgin River season 2, episode 10 is an explosive ending which we all expected. It puts the audience in a false sense of security, making them feel that the war will be over with Calvin and his drug empire; however, the finale demonstrates that it’s only just begun. With new challenges and issues, the next season could be even more dramatic and entertaining for the fans.

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