Virgin River season 2, episode 3 recap – what happened in “The Morning After”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 27, 2020 (Last updated: December 5, 2023)
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Netflix series Virgin River season 2, episode 3 - The Morning After


Despite giving the fans what they want, “The Morning After” continues to throw more obstacles at Jack and Mel as Charmaine needs more attentive medical help.

This recap of Netflix’s Virgin River season 2, episode 3, “The Morning After” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening 

“The Morning After” opens up with Jack and Mel waking up in bed together. They both seem happy that they’ve made it to this place. But then, Mel seems concerned for letting it get this far between them; Jack tells Mel that he will wait regardless of a baby coming into his life as he is convinced of how he feels. Mel suggests for them to be friends in the meantime. Talk about making it complicated. 

Charmaine does not want any IV 

Doc and Mel check up on Charmaine who is still dehydrated; she refuses an IV because she doesn’t want needles; she has an extreme fear of needles. Doc tells Mel that if he can’t get an IV into her by night, she will need to go to the hospital. As Mel leaves the place, Jack sarcastically calls her a “friend” while Charmaine looks from the window.

Afterward, Charmaine asks Jack if he can spend the night with her as she is feeling lonely. He doesn’t think it’s a good idea but Charmaine raises how she has no-one else. 

Charmaine plays games 

Charmaine asks Mel if she’s seeing Jack but she changes the conversation. She then mentions to Mel that Jack may start staying with her overnight so she isn’t lonely, and this seems to irk Mel. Charmaine is playing games at this point and Mel is doing a very good job at keeping it civil. 

Visiting the drug gangs 

Jack visits Dan Brady who has joined the drug gangs; he asks Calvin about the man who put a knife against Mel. Calvin assures that all his men are free and he denies Jack access to the camp. 

Motivate the patient 

Doc is wondering why Mel is letting Charmaine run over her as she should have an IV by now. He tells her to motivate the patient but Mel isn’t in the mood for his advice. Meanwhile, at the bar, Preach is struggling to keep motivated, distracted by the events with Paige. Even Jack is concerned about him. 

Mel returns to Charmaine after dropping all the lemonades. She tells her that they are running out of time and suggests meditation but Charmaine is being obstructive on purpose. Mel appears to be giving up and tells Doc to be on standby to take her to the hospital.

Niece duty 

Hope is looking after Connie’s niece Lizzie who does not seem interested in the place because she doesn’t feel it is cool. Hope gives Lizzie advice about not rushing into things at a young age because she regretted getting married young. 

But then Virgin River season 2, episode 3 gets complicated — Hope loses Lizzie. Doc tells her to find where the boys are, and she’ll be there. Moments later, Connie gives Hope back her credit card — Lizzie returned home. 

Mel finally finds common ground 

Mel tells Charmaine that she has to go to the hospital but she is aggrieved, stating that her mother died in that place. Mel manages to sympathize and tells her how her mother died of cancer at 11 years old. She then reminds Charmaine that she’s only trying to help. Charmaine finally agrees to her methods to help her overcome the fear of needles. They focus on reflexology, working on pressure points. 

Charmaine starts crying due to emotions released from reflexology — she tells Mel she shouldn’t be helping her because she’s been horrible to her. Mel tells her she’s going to be a great mother and then inserts the IV. 

A second chance of love 

On the phone, Mel tells her sister Joey that she slept with Jack; she said the sex was unfortunately phenomenal. She’s worried that once Jack becomes a father, he might get closer to Charmaine. Joey senses that Mel doesn’t really want that and calls it a second chance of being in love. 

Mel does an ultrasound for Jack and Charmaine and she reveals that she’s having twins which is a shock to everyone. Charmaine looks happy but Jack has a slight hesitation on his face.

The Virgin River Diaries
  • Muriel makes a strawberry cheesecake for Doc and asks if he’d like to go on another date. The whole cover-up appears to be going too far. Hope endorses the second date but Doc does not look comfortable anymore. 
  • Dan Brady tries to speak to Preacher but he isn’t interested. Brady then brings up Tom and a reunion. He then shows off the money he has. Preacher calls Brady a little man with a big mouth. 
  • Preacher learns that Connie knew about Wes. He tells her to never mention Wes to anyone ever again.

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