Sugar Rush Christmas season 2 – the popular Netflix format returns for the festive season

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 27, 2020 (Last updated: February 9, 2024)
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Netflix series Sugar Rush Christmas season 2


Longevity remains in Sugar Rush, and its second season of Christmas goes to show that it is not going anywhere.

Netflix’s Sugar Rush Christmas season 2 was released on the streaming service on November 27, 2020.

Baking and reality competitions appear to go hand in hand for audiences. To be fair, if I had the genuine time, I would watch The Great British Bake Off — from what I have watched of it, it’s an informative and entertaining competition. Netflix tries to compete with that format consistently with a flashier version of the competition, Sugar Rush. While the contestants in the former are sweating in tents, the contents in the latter are sweating in a studio. Like last year, Netflix brings the popular format back — welcome Sugar Rush Christmas season 2.

There’s nothing particularly different about the show, except it is Christmas themed to get audiences in the mood. And yes, Netflix has hammed over the holidays harder than usual this year, with every genre to show for it. As usual, four sets of bakers compete in Christmas-themed baking challenges and they are analysed and winners are decided.

The first episodes have our bakers tasked with making something inspired by Charlie Brown’s beloved holiday special. Like the previous seasons, there’s always a set of bakers that try harder than they need to in order to impress — but as always, Sugar Rush brings style and outlandish designs to the table. If you continue venturing through the Christmas special you will be impressed by Advent calendar cakes, secret Santa gifts, a frosty north pole theme, and Christmas decor-themed challenges. The contestants are really put to the test as the judges jollily scrutinize and make as many cheesy remarks as possible.

Longevity remains in Sugar Rush, and its second season of Christmas goes to show that it is not going anywhere. It doesn’t hold anywhere near the same weight as TGBBO, but at least there is a streaming alternative. And besides, who doesn’t like Christmas themed treats?

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