The Wilds season 1, episode 4 recap – what happened in “Day Six”?

December 11, 2020
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“Day Six” delves into Toni and discusses anger issues as part of her character.

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“Day Six” delves into Toni and discusses anger issues as part of her character.

This recap of Amazon Original series The Wilds season 1, episode 4, “Day Six” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

“Day Six” is a Toni-centric chapter. In the opening scene, she buys some snacks from the vending machine and devours them like she hasn’t eaten anything nice for a while. The investigators ask her about the black box, and she calls it a c*ck tease as nothing came from it.

Martha asks Leah about love

On the island, Martha asks Leah what it is like to be “in love” as she’s heard about Jeffrey. Leah doesn’t respond positively, but Martha states that it sounded very romantic. Leah tells her that being “in love” is misery. “Day Six” keeps on giving snippets that Leah is still heavily impacted by her feelings for Jeffrey. There is no healing for her.

Competition over a bag of chips

On the island, Toni and Dot argue about a pack of snacks so the group debate over it. Shelby suggests that they do a shelter building competition and whoever wins gets the snacks. Toni tells the investigators that it was a lot of drama over a bag of chips.

Toni is nervous around Regan

The competition begins, and the women pick their teams. The game is simple; build a shelter by sunset. In a flashback, it’s suggested that Martha and Toni are good friends at school. Toni is distracted by a girl called Regan. Martha decides to leave the class and leave Toni with Regan to do a science project together; Toni clearly seems nervous around Regan.

The teams plan differently

On the island, Toni and Shelby argue about their shelter plans. When Toni tries to grab Martha to help her, she doesn’t want to join her; there’s tension between them. Meanwhile, on the other team, Dot has a plan, and Rachel is willing to listen. Toni heads into the woods alone and starts chopping wood. Her team is in disarray after arguing with Martha.

A ride home

In a flashback, Regan drives up to Toni and asks if she’d like a ride home. She drops Toni off at a trailer park. Toni explains she lives with a foster family as her mother is in a rehab program. Regan starts singing a song and Toni is enchanted by her. Suddenly, her foster brother vandalized Regan’s car, and Toni fumes at him. When Toni gets back in the car to apologize, Regan kisses her. “Day Six” then starts a narrative from here regarding Toni’s issues that comes to the surface from a whirlwind loving relationship.

Letting people in

When Toni returns with wood, she learns that the team has a different idea and she is angry. A flashback shows Toni and Regan continuing to spend time with each other, and she tells the investigators how stupid it is to let people in. The flashback continues with Regan and Toni confirming their love for each other. While returning home from a date, men start heckling Regan and Toni. The women get panicky as the men approach them. As one of them gets close to Regan, Toni starts on one of them but ends up hitting Regan by accident. By this point, Toni has genuine anger management issues; she’s unable to control how she feels in a stressful moment, and it impacts others.

Leah walks into the sea naked

Fatin cannot be bothered taking part in the competition. Leah starts mocking Fatin for the number of men she has slept with. This leads to the women squabbling as Fatin describes how she’d have sex with Jeffrey. As they briefly fight, Fatin rubs the blood on her leg and wipes it on Leah’s face, which is extremely disrespectful and disgusting. Leah strips down and randomly walks into the sea, naked. The other women think Leah is crazy.

Control is a fantasy

The investigators talk about Leah and her losing a sense of control. A flashback sees Regan wondering why Toni didn’t walk away from the men. Toni tells the investor that control is a fantasy. Back on the island, Shelby speaks to Toni and wonders why she runs hot all the time. She wants to get off the island, so she doesn’t need to deal with Toni ever again. Toni walks up to her and says, “I see you”. Shelby kicks her and tells Toni that she isn’t worth it. It isn’t clear exactly what their issues are with each other, but there’s a history that the series isn’t delving into deeply at this point.

Anger explosions

In a flashback, Regan breaks up with Toni. Regan believes Toni has a short fuse which she loves but doesn’t know much about, and it scares her. Their relationship is over, so Toni leaves the car and cries. On the island, Nora tries helping Toni, but she gets super angry — the other women watch on as she struggles to contain her temper. She starts tearing down the shelter with an ax. In the flashback, she starts smashing things up due to feeling stressed over the break-up with Regan.

Toni finds Martha, who has walked off disappointed in her. Martha asks why she can never walk away — she doesn’t want to help her anymore and calls her exhausting. This leaves Toni in a precarious position because Martha is the only one who seems to be there for her.

Updating the parents

Gretchen updates Leah’s parents; she marks that their daughter is progressing on the island. Her parents are so relieved that she’s adjusting. This is a major development in the story. The series is leaning towards the island acting as therapy, so the women return home as a new person. Or at least, that’s how Gretchen is selling it.

The ending

In a flashback, Toni is upset. Martha finds her after Regan told her where she is. Toni tells Martha that she f*cked up. Martha comforts her with words and offers her a place to stay. This is a stark contrast to what’s happening on the island.

The Wilds season 1, episode 4 delves into Toni and discusses anger issues as part of her character. This chapter provided progress on Gretchen’s side, showing how parents were frequently updated on the progress of their daughters. What we don’t know at this point is whether the parents know the circumstances of the island.

Additional points
  • Martha’s foot has healed.

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