The Uncanny Counter episode 6 recap – So Mun learns the truth about his parents

December 13, 2020
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The Uncanny Counter episode 6 is a slow-moving chapter where So Mun slowly learns the truth about his parents.

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The Uncanny Counter episode 6 is a slow-moving chapter where So Mun slowly learns the truth about his parents.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series The Uncanny Counter episode 6 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

A the start of this episode, I was wondering if this was going to be a dud chapter, but alas, I was wrong. As the episode progresses nearer to the end, episode 6 becomes the best so far in this k-drama series.  Anyway, let’s go! Episode 6 begins with Ga Mo-tak looking intently at Noh Chang-yu who is shaken to see the man alive. So Mun punches Noh Chang-yu out cold. The other group of men drive off, realising Ga Mo-tak is alive — they are all worried.

Jaded memories

Ha-na tried to read Noh Chang-yu’s memories, but he’s too drugged up; she is sure that he stabbed Ga Mo-tak. She also has few answers on Kim Yeong-nim. Ga Mo-tak is understandably emotional. So Mun thinks they should take Noh Chang-yu to the police station, but the others disagree. Ha-na feels they should erase Noh Chang-yu’s memory and go for the leader at the top.

Dropping off the brother

Ga Mo-tak rings Kim Jeong-yeong and asks about Noh Chang-yu’s brother — she knows of an elder brother – Noh Hang-gyu — an executive at Taesin Construction, which deepens the conspiracy. They drop Noh Chang-yu outside the offices of Taesin Construction for the recipient Noh Hang-gyu. Of course, the henchmen and Noh Hang-gyu have one question — why did Noh Chang-yu not make sure that Ga Mo-tak was dead all those years ago? It puts the villain in a precarious position.

The girls

At the noodle cafe, So Mun finds Noh Hang-gyu on the most wanted list. Meanwhile, Noh Chang-yu asks one of the henchmen how So Mun survived a ten-floor building. Afterwards, Noh Chang-yu confronts the two young girls that the Counters saved in the last episode. This was left with zero progression in the story after this; presumably, episode 7 will gives viewers an understanding of what happened.

So Mun likes investigating

So Mun researches Noh Hang-gyu and tells Ga Mo-tak about it. He explains how his parents’ precinct was on the lookout for him. He feels something fishy is afoot. Ga Mo-tak checks out the blood analysis that confirms that Kim Yeong-nim was pregnant at the time. There was also animal blood and a male in the analysis. So Mun wonders if the pregnancy is what killed her and if Noh Hang-gyu is involved; Ga Mo-tak tells him they are missing a link and advises that he shouldn’t get fired up.

As episode 6 moves forward, So Mun gets closer to the secret that the others fear he will find out; this is not good for the Counters.

So Mun recognises Kim Jeong-yeong

Ga Mo-tak finds Kim Jeong-yeong at a crime scene and starts investigating himself. She asks him to leave as she’s getting irritated by him. Ga Mo-tak wants to see a photo of the victim, but she refuses to show him before driving off. So Mun recognises Kim Jeong-yeong from when he was a child; she asked him questions at the hospital after his parents died. Episode 6 continues to throw snippets of memories at So Mun.

Buried case

At the police station, the Chief takes the murder case off Kim Jeong-yeong and Han-ul; they are both frustrated as it’s clear they are burying it. Late in the night, Kim Jeong-yeong looks into Kim Yeong-nim again and sees an AB blood type of a male named Jeong Gi-hwan.

Learning the truth about his parents

After more rooting around, So Mun learns that his father was linked to the Kim Yeong-nim case and asks Ga Mo-tak questions. He suddenly realises that his parents’ deaths were not accidents and were part of a cover-up. Tears roll down his face, and he begs Ga Mo-tak to say something as Ms Chu and Ha-na enter the room. Ga Mo-tak confirms that his parents were murdered. So Mun sits down and asks who killed them — “Noh Chang-yu or Noh Hang-gyu?”. He is then ashamed that the noodle gang knew all about this. Emotionally frustrated, So Mun storms off.

As he storms off, So Mun becomes desperate to unlock his memory and places himself in front of a truck in the middle of the road. His friends save him as he cries hysterically. Ung-min and Ju-yeon tell him it wasn’t his fault that his parents died as they hug him on the floor. Episode 6 then spurs on an emotional third act.

Let’s go to Yung

Ms Chu wants to go to Yung and ask if So Mun can see his parents as soon as possible. Ga Mo-tak doesn’t want to go as he’s been ignoring Gi-ran. Meanwhile, Ha-na finds So Mun and asks if he is quitting. So Mun is still upset that the secret was kept from him. Ha-na tells him that he no longer has to blame himself for his parents’ deaths.

Ms Chu asks Wi-gen and the others to live to their promise and allow So Mun to see his parents. Wi-gen tells them that his parents never ascended in a twist we did not see coming.

Let me show you

Ha-na claims she can show So Mun who killed his parents. They end up at his grandparent’s house. She wants him to find a memory; So Mun grabs his drawing book and sits next to Ha-na; she then tells him to let go of all the guilt so he will stop blocking the memories. The pair then grab each other’s hand on the drawing book, and Ha-na reassures So Mun that she’ll be there for him.

So Mun’s memories open up; they can see a young So Mun in the car with his parents the night they died. So Mun’s eyes fill with tears as this was the last time he was with them. His father then receives a phone call, and then a truck hits the car. So Mun is dismayed seeing his parents die all over again as the rain pours all over him. This is a pivotal moment for the character; reliving the trauma could change the course of his story forever.

The ending

The emotions are so intense that Ha-na is struggling to contain herself. And then a man leaves a truck, and Ha-na refocuses so they can see the killer; she tells So Mun not to touch anything. The man confirms that they are dead inside the car. Meanwhile, Wi-gen tells Ga Mo-tak and Ms Chu that it’s possible that So Mun’s parents were eaten by evil spirits which is why they never ascended. In the memory, So Mun sees his parent’s souls get swallowed by an evil spirit. Ha-na gets a closer look at the evil spirit; it’s the same one that killed Cheol-jung. Everything is slowly piecing together.

Suddenly, the evil spirit can see Ha-na, which is deemed impossible as they are in a memory — it makes the experience even more confusing for the characters. So Mun then punches the evil spirit, but it doesn’t turn out well for him as the evil spirit grabs him by the throat.

The Uncanny Counter episode 6 is a slow-moving chapter where So Mun slowly learns the truth about his parents. This is an emotional episode, making it the best so far in this k-drama series. There are little questions to be asked from episode 6, but it does change the course of the story for So Mun.

Additional points
  • Sang-pil tries to kill his son Cheong-sin, but an energy overcomes him and he can’t. Cheong-sin uses his powers to turn the gun on Sang-pil to shoot himself.

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