Tiny Pretty Things season 1, episode 8 recap – “Relevé”

December 14, 2020
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There’s plenty of emotional anxiety in “Relevé” as it could be the end of Cassie.

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There’s plenty of emotional anxiety in “Relevé” as it could be the end of Cassie.

This recap of Netflix’s Tiny Pretty Things season 1, episode 8, “Relevé” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

As June practices with Nabil, she remembers the abuse she suffered from Travis. However, after Bette defends Monique, Neveah wonders why — there’s a sense that the women want to protect their careers in “Relevé” — despite doing what’s right, their careers are under threat. Neveah wants the school to rebuild itself to be something they can be proud of — she wants to strike first. Bette and June agree to release the recording until after Ripper as it works in their favor. Tiny Pretty Things Episode 8 sees the women working tactically; so they can preserve their careers but also bring down their abusers.

Built on hope

Cruz learns that after seeing the emails, Bette does not have an alibi. Bette says she fell asleep drunk and that she understands that it looks bad. Cruz reveals that if Cassie dies, it will be classed as murder. Meanwhile, Nabil tells Cassie’s parents that her hand moved and doesn’t believe it is a twitch. Nabil is desperately trying to cling to hope, but the parents do not appear to buy into it. As the saying says, “it’s the hope that kills you”, but Nabil had reasons for hope. “Relevé” demonstrates that sometimes feelings and beliefs can go beyond science.

Pulling support and doubt

Monique tells Neveah that her donors have pulled her support. It’s because of her intervention at the VIP lounge. Neveah is done; she’s ready to talk. Meanwhile, Bette tells Matteo she was black-out drunk the night Cassie fell. Matteo asks her to remember the music that was playing that night to bring back her memory — he’s sure that Bette didn’t push Cassie, but she doesn’t seem to trust herself — Matteo’s trust for Bette brings them both closer. As the series continues to move forward, there’s still no certainty as to who pushed Cassie.

Get a smoking gun

Neveah meets a journalist and reveals the scandal. Unfortunately, the journalist believes the exposé is weak and that the information isn’t enough for publication. The journalist asks for a smoking gun. Neveah vows to get it. She’s ready to bring down the Archer administration. “Relevé” sees Neveah having to go the extra mile to uncover the abuse that inflicts the students.

Travis aggressively confronts June

Travis grabs June down the alleyway. He accuses her of ruining his life. He denies everything that has happened as he grabs her throat. Travis tells June to call off the reporters, or she will end up like Cassie as he knows “how to make a girl quiet”. It sounded like he was implying that he hurt Cassie. But there’s a long way to go before the story confirms anything like that.

June tells Neveah to drop her scoop with the reporter.


Topher holds a photoshoot with the ballerinas for the famous poster that hangs outside the building. A panicked June starts b*tching about Neveah to Bette. She’s clearly feeling the pressure after what Travis did to her. Regardless of her injuries, Bette shows up at the shoot and June offers to support her. Neveah is dismayed that they are allowing Bette to steal the school poster. As Nabil walks in, he becomes emotional, accusing Topher of forcing him to wear Cassie’s clothes. The characters are intensely emotional in “Relevé” — they know that Cassie could potentially die.

There’s still a chance

Nabil visits the hospital again. Cassie’s mother asks Nabil to stay as she doesn’t want to be alone. The pair talk about the afterlife and Nabil reveals his belief in heaven. But he also insists that he believes there’s still a chance for Cassie to wake up. Of course, this is a plot turn that was palmed up to the audience.

It’s time to turn off

With Cassie’s life support machine about to be turned off, Nabil is an emotional wreck. Caleb supports him as he knows what it is like to grieve over a loved one. The rest of his friends show up for support. It’s a significant moment in the series as they all embrace each other for a tragic moment — all the backstabbing and b*tching was over momentarily. They all wait outside as the doctor enters the room. Everyone prays as the plug is pulled. However, in a twist, Cassie’s heartbeat returns, and she’s able to breathe on her own. There’s relief all around. This is a moment that gives goosebumps. It’s also crucial to the story. Maybe Cruz will get the answer from Cassie herself.

Bette remembers

Bette remembers Delia was there that night and tells Cruz that she’s starting to remember what happened — she was with Delia on a night out and they approached the ambulance. She feels she didn’t push Cassie and now has an alibi.

The smoking gun

Oren introduces Jason to Neveah and June. He gives them a record of all the men that have had access to the VIP lounge. He then links the donors between the club and the school. There’s clearly a cover-up. Neveah shares the smoking gun with the journalist. This is it — a defining moment in the corruption.

Kill the story

Neveah tells Monique that the story is her, not Travis. She calls Monique a broker of girls for rich older men. Monique tells Neveah that if the story is published, her career will be over. Afterward, Neveah tries to tell the journalist to stop the story as it will be hurting her. With Neveah concerned about her career, she encourages sex with Oren. But Oren doesn’t want to have sex just because she’s scared. I felt that this was weak writing on behalf of Neveah; she must have known the risks already — this whole scene felt like it was written for the sake of it.

It’s just how it is

The posters are put up, and it’s Bette and Caleb. Shane confronts Tropher and wonders why he never stood a chance in the photos. Tropher explains he is scared that his career would be destroyed if people saw them looking friendly with each other just because they are both gay. Shane explains it shouldn’t be that way and that he should be able to look at Tropher as a mentor. This scene is also representative of how toxic the school is; how Shane can not learn any experience off Tropher in case they are both accused or ousted in having a physical relationship.

The ending

The story is leaked in the news and Monique looks terrified. Meanwhile, Nabil lays next to Cassie, and suddenly she wheezes. Her eyes open up — this gives some juice for the last two episodes.

There’s plenty of emotional anxiety in Tiny Pretty Things season 1, episode 8 as it could be the end of Cassie. There’s always plenty of questions that have been answered, but one question remains — who pushed Cassie?

Additional points
  • June learns from Matteo that Bette paid him to lock her out on the roof on the eve of an important performance. June gets angry, but Bette brushes it off as she feels like that drama is over.

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