The Expanse season 5, episode 2 recap – what happened in “Churn”?

December 16, 2020
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“Churn” continues to tease the story; some characters revisit the past while others make discoveries.

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“Churn” continues to tease the story; some characters revisit the past while others make discoveries.

This recap of Amazon’s The Expanse season 5, episode 2, “Churn” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Camina Drummer is engaging in battle with pirates on her station. She tries to negotiate with the enemy, but they do not comply. She puts them in a precarious position, and it’s an easy victory. She’s showing a no-mercy policy, and her crew celebrates. While eating, she is given a bounty for another ship — it’s Ashford’s; she never believed she’d be able to find it. “Churn” sees a past coming back to haunt Drummer that will be fleshed out in later episodes.

Amos returns to Baltimore

“Churn” then flits to Baltimore. Amos has returned. He meets a man named Charles, who knew Lydia. Charles tells him she waited for him and questions why he shows up now. Lydia died of an aneurysm. Charles explains how he believes she was happy but kept a lot to herself; the man suddenly breaks down in tears, and Amos comforts him. The pair catch up over a cup of tea. Amos thanks Charles for being there for Lydia. When Amos learns that Charles will be losing his house to a man named Eric, he tells him to “stop packing”. Amos, as always, is ready to get dirty to protect those he cares about.

Monica sends Holden a message, and he cannot help himself

Holden receives a message from Monica; she believes she has proof of someone going after the protomolecule. He responds initially that he isn’t interested, but then he can’t help himself and wants to look into it. When he goes to meet her, he sees that Monica’s room has been trashed. Holden finds her phone below her bed. He tells Fred that they have a problem. After investigation, they learn that the blood in the room is Monica’s. Holden believes she is still on the station.

Bobbie shows Alex her black market weaponry investigation

After their awkward discussion, Alex asks Bobbie why she is shutting him off. Bobbie lays down her guard and shows him all her black market weapons. He learns she’s working for Avasarala to infiltrate Mars and that all the weaponry is from police and the army — they are all in on it. Bobbie remarks that anyone trying to buy this is trying to attack a planet. It’s a conspiracy and Alex is intrigued.

Amos wants to find Eric

Amos finds Eric’s men and asks if he can speak to him; this leads Amos to beat up one of his men, and then he asks again. Amos secures a meeting with Eric. When he meets Eric, the man thought he was dead. Amos asks to remove the debt for Charles, but Eric rejects his proposal; he claims he helped out Lydia. Amos pushes back and tells Eric that Charles is keeping the house. Eric is surprised that Amos is only asking for that and asks him if he’d like a drink.

Amos reassures Eric that he’s not going to take anything off him and the pair share a drink. Eric believes Amos has changed and wonders what has happened to him; he then tells him that Burton’s ID will not hold up here after accepting that Charles can keep the house. Amos is suffering personally in “Churn”. His past is haunting him, with memories of him being a child. It’s almost like he’s gone full circle in the story.

Meeting the Admirable

At the MCR, Alex meets an Admirable about the rings — he’s one of the men Bobbie has on her drawing board as a potential lead to the black market. But he isn’t interested in talking to him and walks off. An acquaintance of the Admirable talks to Alex instead, and she agrees to meet for coffee.

Talking about the science ship

While in a meeting, Avasarala wants to talk about the science ship that was attacked; she believes it concerns security on the Belt. She believes there’s a link to Marco Inaros, but her acquaintances are not interested in her theory.

Finding Monica

Holden and Fred get a signal on Monica’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Monica manages to get herself free in a holding container. However, it’s a struggle to get out as the pressures begin to drop, and the oxygen is depleting; she’s also managed to injure herself. Holden investigates, and Fred finds something on thermals. However, they find the wrong container at first. “Churn” is a close shave for Monica, who has found herself in a life-threatening situation.

The ending

Monica is struggling to breathe as the oxygen nearly depletes. She stops breathing as Holden finds her. He gives her oxygen.

As the episode ends, Amos leaves a message for Avasarala. He tells her he is going to leave Earth forever but first he wants her to arrange a meeting with someone.

The Expanse season 5, episode 2 continues to tease the story; some characters revisit the past while others make discoveries. This is a strong start to season 5 so far.

Additional points
  • Avasarala’s daughter tries to get her mother to reach out to her father. Apparently, he misses her.

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