Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 4, episode 2 recap – “The Uninvited”

December 31, 2020
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“Chapter Thirty: The Uninvited” is not really about the incoming terror concocted by Faustus. It’s about Sabrina’s place in the world, making this an emotionally engaging chapter.

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“Chapter Thirty: The Uninvited” is not really about the incoming terror concocted by Faustus. It’s about Sabrina’s place in the world, making this an emotionally engaging chapter.

This recap of Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 4, episode 2, “Chapter Thirty: The Uninvited” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

“Chapter Thirty: The Uninvited” opens with a mother and daughter enjoying their dinner, but then there is a knock on the door. When the mother answers it, there’s a homeless looking man there. The mother politely asks him to leave. When she closes the door, the man is in the house, and he rips out the mother’s heart. A new Eldritch Terror!

Dating is hard

In the next scene, Sabrina finishes her date with Carl, who kisses her on the cheek. Sabrina does not look comfortable. Sabrina then goes on her date with Melvin. She’s serial dating. On her dates, she keeps noticing chemistry with other couples. The Sabrinas talk about their date and the chances of finding “the one”. Queen Sabrina explains how she and Caliban are getting married because he’s “the one”. The scene then flits to Lucifer, who seems to approve of the wedding and tells Lilith that they will provide beautiful children. Sabrina Spellman is struggling in “Chapter Thirty: The Uninvited”; she feels lonely and lacks love and excitement.

The homeless man visits Harvey and Roz

While Harvey and Roz hook-up, the homeless-looking man knocks on the door. Roz invites the person inside. Roz had a weird vibe and thought something bad would happen if they didn’t invite the person in. The pair feed the man. When he touches Roz, she has terrifying visions, but then he walks out.

The Uninvited

The homeless man visits Faustus, and Agatha answers the door. Faustus calls the man the Uninvited, one of the Eldritch Terrors. Faustus tells Agatha and Ms. Wardwell to give the man food, warmth, and comfort. Meanwhile, Harvey has drawn the visions Roz saw when she grabbed the Uninvited’s arm. He did the drawings in his sleep.

Plotting against the Hell wedding

Lilith visits the Spellman house and is irritated by the Sabrinas being together. She suggests that Sabrina Spellman is jealous of Queen Sabrina marrying Caliban. Lilith also disapproves of the marriage, and the two women want to plot to split them up. Sabrina Spellman visits Hell pretending to be the Queen and spends time with Caliban. She suggests that they worship the Dark Mother as part of their union.

They speak to Prudence about it. Prudence tells Caliban that men who worship Hecate must be gelded. Caliban is uncomfortable with the process. Afterward, Caliban tells Sabrina that he wants his own children and does not want to adopt. Caliban tells Sabrina that he needs to think. At this stage, it looks like Sabrina Spellman has successfully stopped a wedding out of her own jealousy.

More terrors

Harvey shows Ambrose his drawings of the visions. Ambrose also has photos from his necromancy from the miners — their last visions. Ambrose asks to touch the dead miners to see their visions. She sees the Uninvited ripping hearts out because they were not invited in. Ambrose concludes it is an Eldritch Terror. He believes they can use Harvey’s drawings to understand the next terrors. Ambrose tries to call off the wedding due to the threat, but Zelda isn’t interested. The wedding must go ahead! And besides, Hilda needs a happy ending!

The incubus escapes

Before Hilda’s wedding, Melvin and Nick have to deal with Dr. Cerberus and his incubus to prepare him for the wedding night, but it ends up fleeing and entering Theo. Zelda is furious at Melvin and Nick for messing this up. Meanwhile, Theo hooks up with Robin, who is unaware of the incubus.

Queen Sabrina is understanding

Caliban brings Queen Sabrina his gelded balls as a gift. Queen Sabrina visits Sabrina Spellman and tells her that Caliban followed through with the sacrifice, which means he’s a good guy. She asks Sabrina Spellman if she’s happy. She gives a half-answer. Queen Sabrina invites her to the wedding. It is not a great episode for Sabrina Spellman; she cannot feel fulfilled, and the Queen seems to be having a happy life.

The Uninvited blesses Faustus

Faustus asks Ms. Wardwell and Agatha to give the Uninvited a tongue. He then speaks to him and asks him to bless him, and then he will help him bring terror. The Uninvited blesses Faustus and then asks where he should knock next.

Hilda’s wedding

The wedding begins, and Nick asks Sabrina about her date for the wedding. The Uninvited shows up, looking groomed and shaven with a suit. Nick tells the man that he cannot come to the wedding. A drunk Sabrina gives a speech at the wedding about love. She’s clearly emotional and talks about different couples, and it’s quite embarrassing. She brings up Nick and Prudence and makes a sly comment, making herself look jealous. Zelda takes Sabrina off the stage and tells her to sober up. Poor Sabrina; she’s completely lost it.

Making the Uninvited feel welcome

While performing on stage, the incubus activates within Theo; Nick tries to stop it, but then it ends up inside the Uninvited. Roz and Ambrose know it is the Uninvited. He rips out the heart of Dorian and then eats it. The Uninvited then makes a toast to “the end of all things”. Hilda apologizes to the Uninvited for what he has gone through and invites him to her wedding. He tells her it is too late. Nick tries to sacrifice himself, but Sabrina gets in the way and invites the Uninvited to Hell for another wedding as her plus one.

A double wedding

Sabrina tells Queen Sabrina that she’s brought one of the Eldritch Terrors. Lucifer then learns there are two Sabrinas. But Sabrina Spellman tells him they need to stop the Eldritch Terror and suggests using an Acheron. The wedding begins. Sabrina Spellman tries to relate with the Uninvited about being lonely and asks if he wants to marry her. He says yes so Lucifer does a double wedding. Sabrina Spellman has to kiss the Uninvited, which is hella awkward.

The Uninvited carries Sabrina Spellman to their room for their wedding night, but it’s a trap. When Sabrina leaves the room, Queen Sabrina, Lilith, Caliban, and Lucifer cast their spell to trap the Uninvited. Lucifer then banishes Sabrina Spellman from Hell and tells her she cannot be in the presence of Queen Sabrina again. Both Sabrinas hug it out. When Sabrina Spellman returns home, she cries. The loneliness has taken a toll.

The ending

Sabrina tells her family that the Uninvited is trapped by a binding spell. Hilda and Dr. Cerberus have a small ceremony in the Spellman home with the family. There’s a genuine intimacy by doing a small wedding.

Faustus tells Agatha and Ms. Wardwell that the next Eldritch terror is coming. Meanwhile, Sabrina has an idea about making herself happy — “The best parts of Nick and Harvey”. Oh sh*t — she cannot help herself.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 4, episode 2 is not really about the incoming terror concocted by Faustus. It’s about Sabrina’s place in the world, making this an emotionally engaging chapter.

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