The Uncanny Counter episode 14 recap – [spoiler] is the new host for the level four evil spirit

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 17, 2021 (Last updated: September 6, 2023)
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Netflix K-drama series The Uncanny Counter episode 14


Episode 14 goes through the motions as it establishes a new host for the level four evil spirit, bringing a final challenge for the Counters as it acts as a penultimate chapter for the final weekend.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series The Uncanny Counter episode 14 contains significant spoilers.

The opening

We are entering the dramatic chapters of the k-drama series as it looks for a resolution; there’s still a lot to resolve, but the main objective is to take down the level 4 spirit and recover So Mun’s parents. The Uncanny Counter episode 14 begins with So Mun in despair as Cheong-sin kills himself, presumably taking his parents with him. The Counters stop the barrier and are in shock. So Mun shouts at Cheong-sin, asking him to “get up!”. Ms Chu tries to see if she can heal Cheong-sin, but there’s no pulse. You can feel the pain come from So Mun’s voice, knowing this could be the end for his parents. The other evil spirit, Baek Hyang-hui, manages to get away.

Shin Myeong-hwi hurts himself, but there is a twist in the Cheong-sin story

As confirmed in the last episode, Shin Myeong-hwi has attempted to end his life, and he’s rushed off to the hospital. On the way, Cheong-sin’s evil spirit enters his ambulance. Meanwhile, So Mun visits Yung and Wi-gen tells him that when the host of an evil spirit dies, the other spirits vanquish. The heartbreak for So Mun continues, but you can tell it isn’t over yet.

So Mun refuses to give up

One of the main strengths of So Mun is that not only is he naive, but he always remains hopeful, and episode 14 sees him hold on to every drop of hope left. So Mun heads to the noodle cafe and tells the Counters that he’s not giving up. He promises to find the evil spirit that vanished.

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Ha-na raises the possibility that the level four spirit found a new host. The Counters group together and promise to do all they can to help. There’s real unity in the group that’s endearing to watch.

Shin Myeong-hwi is now the new level four spirit

As the episode starts to get a firm grip on the story, we enter phase 2 of this evil spirit, now taking a new host. Shin Hyeok-u visits his father Shin Myeong-hwi and considers murdering him while unconscious, but then a nurse walks in. It’s revealed that the evil spirit that left Cheong-sin now has a new host — Shin Myeong-hwi. Meanwhile, Cho Tae-sin is alarmed that Shin Myeong-hwi is ringing him. Shin Myeong-hwi, the new level four evil spirit, looks out into the city. Cho Tae-sin visits him and acts like there are no bad feelings. Shin Myeong-hwi uses his powers to hurt Cho Tae-sin and cackles at him. Afterwards, Cho Tae-sin warns Noh Hang-gyu that the mayor has the same powers Cheong-sin had. He’s not so smug anymore, is he? The story enjoys bringing down powerful, greedy, corrupt men.

Su-ho’s anniversary; an important day for Ms Chu

It’s an important day for Ms Chu in episode 14 — it’s the anniversary of Su-ho’s death. Her daughter-in-law and widow to Su-ho comes over. The daughter-in-law reveals she is getting married, but it’s an emotional moment, with both women recognising that she’s finally moving on from Su-ho. Ms Chu is warm about it and understanding. Ms Chu visits Su-ho in Yung to check if he’s okay about his widowed wife getting married.

Mayor Shin Myeong-hwi consumes more spirits

Noh Chang-yu visits Shin Myeong-hwi. The house is eerily quiet. Shin Hyeok-u returns home and sees shoes on the landing and looks concerned. He gets close to his father’s office. One man on the floor is looking dead, and the mayor kills Noh Chang-yu and takes his spirit. Shin Myeong-hwi has to fight against the evil spirit to stop killing his son. This is one of the weaknesses of the level 4 evil spirit; the host and evil spirit have merged so can fight against each other. I wonder if that will be important as the story ends?

The Counters find out about the new host: Shin Myeong-hwi

Later in the evening, So Mun sees Shin Hyeok-u getting bullied again; when he helps him, he senses his father is consumed by evil. So Mun asks Shin Hyeok-u where his father is. But then Ha-na stops So Mun from investigating. She wants him to calm down. The Counters gather and talk about Shin Myeong-hwi. They suspect the evil spirit knows they can use the barrier, so he is purposefully hiding. So Mun is understandably emotional, wanting a resolution to the entire situation. Meanwhile, Shin Myeong-hwi gives Baek Hyang-hui a job.

So-eun is kidnapped by Baek Hyang-hui

As we reach the third act of The Uncanny Counter episode 14, there’s still uncertainty of what the Counters can do next. The next day, So Mun asks Shin Hyeok-u if he’s noticed anything different about his father which stops him in his tracks. Meanwhile, the Counters are still trying to track down Shin Myeong-hwi, visiting all his vacation homes. Suddenly, Ha-na senses that Baek Hyang-hui has kidnapped young girl So-eun. Shin Myeong-hwi asks Baek Hyang-hui to get rid of the girl completely. She meets Cho Tae-sin and asks for money. Cho Tae-sin’s men then pour fuel over her car with the young girl inside. It’s strange how there’s a small margin of difference to evil spirits and evil humans; the non-evil spirit humans are purposefully trying to kill children. It’s a shame the Counters cannot fight evil in general.

The Counters turn up to save the day

Timely as always, The Counters arrive. They fight all of Cho Tae-sin’s men, while So Mun fights Baek Hyang-hui. Eventually, the Counters pin Baek Hyang-hui down as So Mun saves the young girl. With the commotion over, Baek Hyang-hui gets away. Cho Tae-sin tries to talk his way out of the situation, but Ga Mo-tak keeps punching him repeatedly for fun. Ha-na manages to find Baek Hyang-hui, and they have a brief fight before the evil spirit runs away again.

Cho Tae-sin is arrested

The next day, Cho Tae-sin is heckled by crowds for the crimes and conspiracy with Taesin Group. He gets his just desserts as eggs and flour are thrown at him. The corrupt chairman is finally getting what he deserves. Meanwhile, Baek Hyang-hui shows her impatience to Shin Myeong-hwi after Cho Tae-sin is arrested, but he seems to have a plan this time to overcome the barrier.

The ending

Ha-na tells the Counters that she has found Shin Myeong-hwi; she followed Baek Hyang-hui back to the location and believes she’s gotten stronger; the barrier might not work on both evil spirits. They need to find a way to separate Shin Myeong-hwi and Baek Hyang-hui.

The Counters head to Shin Myeong-hwi’s location, and they use the staffs again to create the barrier again, but you can sense something is not right on this occasion; they do not feel as comfortable with their plans. So Mun heads inside the house and controls the territories. So Mun confronts Shin Myeong-hwi and throws him on to the desk. Meanwhile, Baek Hyang-hui stops the barrier by breaking Ha-na’s staff; she mocks her about her whole family dying and suggests that Ha-na secretly wanted them all dead. Shin Myeong-hwi returns to full power and begins to hurt So Mun. A struggling So Mun crawls away as Shin Myeong-hwi tells him how he’s grown stronger. Suddenly, So Mun finds a new strength that surprises Shin Myeong-hwi. However, with one of the staffs broken, it leaves a question for the audience — how will the Counters finally defeat this level four evil spirit that has terrorised them since episode 1? We will find out in the last two episodes next week.

The Uncanny Counter episode 14 goes through the motions as it establishes a new host for the level four evil spirit, bringing a final challenge for the Counters as it acts as a penultimate chapter for the final weekend.

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