Fate: The Winx Saga season 1, episode 5 recap – “Wither Into The Truth”?

January 22, 2021
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“Wither Into The Truth” naturally ramps up the stakes as war is coming. The script works better when the writers are not trying to squeeze everything in at once.

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“Wither Into The Truth” naturally ramps up the stakes as war is coming. The script works better when the writers are not trying to squeeze everything in at once.

This recap of Netflix’s Fate: The Winx Saga season 1, episode 5, “Wither Into The Truth” contains significant spoilers.

After Episode 4, this chapter puts Bloom in a tight position; she wants to know the truth, but doing so means going against the status quo. This is a much better episode, mostly because the writing calms down and focuses on the primary objective. Fate: The Winx Saga season 1, episode 5 opens with Beatrix screaming repeatedly. Dowling is tormenting her, wanting information from her. Silva is worried that Dowling is taking it too far, but she does not seem to care; there’s clearly a war-type approach happening.

Bloom wants to talk to Beatrix, but Alfea is preparing for war

Dane sees Bloom outside late at night; she’s trying to talk to Beatrix and Dane offers to help. The next day, Sky and Bloom face a Burned One together. They are magic dummies to help them train to fight. Sky tells Bloom he feels that Alfea has gone full war games. Meanwhile, Musa is reading Bloom and Sky and is updating Dowling. There’s a lot of spying going on in “Wither Into The Truth”.

The teachers are using spies and increased combat to prepare

Sky tells Silva that pairing him with Bloom seems obvious and doesn’t feel comfortable spying on her. He’s clearly conflicted and is gaining feels for her. Silva raises the importance of protecting the worlds. Flashbacks show Rosalind asking Dowling and the other teachers to bring down Burned Ones quicker. In the present, they are worried their students are not ready. Marco then walks into the office, injured from a Burned One. Dowling raises how since the Queen left with her daughter, they’ve been abandoned. It’s not a coincidence that troops have been withdrawn as well. There’s a political problem that is limiting the school at the worst time.

Aisha is on to Bloom

Aisha raises her concerns with her friends about Bloom. She’s worried that Bloom no longer cares about Rosalind and that she’s texting Dane. Suspicions are raised. Meanwhile, Bloom meets Dane, who has taken a guard out so she can meet Beatrix.

Bloom visits Beatrix

Beatrix confirms to Bloom that she killed Callum but that it’s way more complicated than that. Bloom wants to know what happened in Aster Dell that day; Beatrix tells her she can help, but she wants to be freed first. Bloom is desperate to see Rosalind and Beatrix raises how this is her only option. At this stage, it isn’t easy to understand the whole story. It’s easy to assume Beatrix holds the key to everything.

Musa catches Stella

Stella has sneaked back into Alfea and has lived secretly in the dorms for a few days. Musa catches her. Stella talks about her horrible experiences with her mother and how she has the army looking for her; she continues and states that her mother only cares about power and strength, and punishes her if she is not up to her standards. Stella admits that she lost control with Ricki and that it was an accident. It was better for her mother if she believed she blinded her best friend on purpose. This allows the audience to find sympathy for a character that we all assumed was bitter and vengeful from the start.

Sky catches Bloom at the stone circle

Bloom heads to the stone circle to help free Beatrix and starts conjuring her powers. Sky catches her and Bloom acts like she’s doing something entirely different. Sky is sick of the games and reveals that Silva wanted him to watch her. Bloom is angry that Sky has spied on her. Sky then checks out the metal device and wants to know what she’s doing; he tells her he can be trusted. A bit of a strange thing to say after spying on someone.

Meanwhile, Terra finally speaks to Dane as she’s worried about his attitude. Dane tries to brush her off, but she ties him to the chair. Aisha arrives and asks what Bloom is up to. Bloom’s friends are desperate to understand what she’s up to.

Bloom and Sky grow closer, but Bloom still wants to carry out Beatrix’s escape plans

Bloom tells Sky everything she learned from Beatrix; Sky doesn’t believe it, but Bloom states that Dowling and the others were trying to protect everyone, but it doesn’t mean what they did was right. Sky tells Bloom that he’s a “fixer” because it makes him forget how broken he is. Bloom and Sky kiss as the conversation grows more intimate. Suddenly, Bloom’s metal device lights up, but she doesn’t want to tell him what it is because he’ll stop her. Sky collapses due to Bloom’s sedatives, and the fire fairy runs off. Bloom is an entirely different character since the first episode. She’s way more resourceful and it’s harder to gauge what’s she going to do next.

There are many Burned Ones

While being treated, Marco receives a call from Noura; she tells him the entire battalion is dead. Suddenly, a Burned One ravaged her. It’s clear from the video call that there are loads of them. “Wither Into The Truth” is clearly ramping up a war for the finale.

Aisha and Terra try to stop Bloom

Terra and Aisha confront Bloom about freeing Beatrix. Terra insists that her father Harvey would have never carried out a war crime. Aisha threatens to tell Dowling what she’s doing. Bloom’s eyes light up, but Terra reminds her that they are her friends. Bloom gives up the metal device to free Beatrix and walks away upset.

Aisha and Terra approach Musa about Bloom. Stella tells the girls that Bloom deserves to know who she is and believes they should help her. What a contrast from the first episode; Stella is showing some healthy character development.

Dowling’s version of events.

Bloom tells Dowling that she wants to see Rosalind and that she knows she’s from Aster Dell. Dowling is shocked. Bloom raises how she knows they destroyed people’s lives on purpose. Dowling says that she made a mistake that day and that Rosalind was her mentor, but she was feared and respected. She explains that the magic they unleashed that day was potent. Until then, fairies didn’t know they could combine magic and Rosalind kept it a secret until that fateful day. Dowling says they never questioned her; Rosalind told Dowling and the others that only the Burned Ones would be hurt from the blast, but it wasn’t true, and it was a tragedy.

Dowling admits that if Bloom is from Aster Dell, she’s caused her damage and there will never be enough apologies. Bloom still wants to see Rosalind. Dowling tells Bloom that Rosalind is not worth bringing back to the world and that she promises to give her answers. It’s enjoyable how the series keeps switching the potential villain, but as we reach the end of “Wither Into The Truth”, it’s becoming apparent that Dowling is not the enemy.

Giving Bloom hope

But then there’s a change; Terra and Musa give Bloom the device to help free Beatrix. They feel Bloom deserves answers. Aisha doesn’t join them because she disagrees with helping Bloom.

The ending

Sky, Silva, Riven, Dowling, and others prepare for battle and face The Barrier; the Burned Ones are in the forest. Aisha turns up and tells them that Bloom and her friends are about to free Beatrix. Meanwhile, Bloom and her friends head underground. Bloom finds the door to Rosalind and the others wait outside. Bloom sees a tall barrier, and inside it is Rosalind, who telepathically greets her.

Fate: The Winx Saga season 1, episode 5 naturally ramps up the stakes as war is coming. The script works better when the writers are not trying to squeeze everything in at once.

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  • Dane tells Bloom that Beatrix is the only person that’s made him feel normal at Alfea.
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