All My Friends Are Dead – the ending explained

February 3, 2021
Daniel Hart 1
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This article discusses the ending of Netflix’s All My Friends Are Dead, so it will contain major spoilers. 

At the end of this Polish Netflix film, the party goes into full fight-mode, with all the characters parading in the glory of hell as it all kicks off. Many die, while the ones who survive are extremely traumatized. All My Friends Are Dead brings an escalation of violence that can be enjoyed; stimulating viewers with sex and gore to appeal to slasher fans. But surprisingly, the ending was not a brutal conclusion; it was something entirely different.

All My Friends Are Dead – the ending explained

At the end of the film, investigators leave the house, and suddenly, the scene merges with a lighter interior. As the camera pans in the main living area, our characters are all dressed in white and enjoy a wedding. All the characters seem to be relaxed and happy and appear to be making friendly, civilized, and loving choices — the complete opposite of the New Year’s Eve party. It’s a mature event, and the wedding turns into a mellow after-party.

One of the main theories is that this could be the afterlife, with the characters revisiting the moment where all hell broke loose, and this is a heavenly reimagining of them all reunited:

But as the scene progresses, one of the characters cheekily mentions an alternate universe — she was wondering what this wedding would be like in a different world. It could also be an alternative timeline, where the New Year’s Eve party went well, and there was no violence, and the result was the beautiful wedding.

The ending of Netflix’s All My Friends Are Dead leaves plenty for the viewer’s imagination. I guess it’s left purposefully for us to make our own conclusion. Regardless, we thought it was a cool ending.

What are your theories on the ending? Place your comments below.

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    Who alive at the first scene ?

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