Layla Majnun – the ending explained

February 11, 2021
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This article discusses the ending of Indonesian Netflix film Layla Majnun, so it will contain major spoilers. 

While many romantic films have a more superficial ending, Netflix’s Layla Majnun is almost tragic. In fact, it escalates rather quickly, the possibility of both characters having a Romeo and Juliet gracing their legacy. As we approach the Indonesian film’s final act, Layla and Samir find themselves pining for each other, but what separates them is Layla’s arranged marriage with Ibnu. This entire situation was born from Layla promising Ibnu to marry him before gallivanting off to Azerbaijan and falling in love with one of her admirers.

Netflix’s Layla Majnun – the ending explained

Samir refuses to give up in the final act; In Indonesia, he waits on a bridge for Layla, who has been locked in her room by her uncle. Luckily, Layla’s mother lets her free and tells her to make an ultimate decision.

Layla meets Samir at the bridge, and everything looks plain sailing as they embrace each other, and agree to start a new chapter, however, at the other side of the bridge, Ibnu and his gang meet them, and Layla’s controlling uncle.

With tension high, there’s a scuffle, but then Ibnu is told not to allow his family to be embarrassed and to shoot Samir. As he holds the gun, you can tell he does not want to shoot Samir, and then strangely points the gun at Layla. It’s a weird logic of “If I cannot have her, then neither can you,” but then Layla’s uncle sees the madness that has taken place, and gets in the way of the bullet, and dies.

What happens next?

And you’d think after one person has been shot dead in a fairly light romantic film, that everything after that will be plain-sailing, but director Monty Tiwa said no. Ibnu orders his gang to throw Layla and Samir into the water with rocks tied to them so they cannot swim out.

Before they are thrown in, there’s this wonderful moment where the couple accepts they would have rather loved, than not loved at all. And they stay by each other’s side in the water. Luckily, as they are about to die, Layla’s mother must have got wind of the atrocities and dives into the river to save them.

The ending of Layla Majnun is a happy one after all that stress; ending scenes show Layla and Samir enjoying life in Azerbaijan and appear to have their own child.

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