Squared Love – the ending explained

February 11, 2021 (Last updated: February 1, 2023)
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Squared Love - the ending explained - netflix film

This article discusses the ending of Netflix film Squared Love, so it will contain major spoilers. 

Incredibly, through most of the film, Monika’s true identity was not known by Enzo, bringing a nail-biting conclusion to the third act. The Superman-effect was in full effect throughout this romantic film. It was a charming, intimate experience, watching a celebrity and womanizer feeling confused between a teacher and a model. But, predictably, there was a conclusion to Monika’s double-life — it had to come to an end eventually.

Netflix’s Squared Love – the ending explained

While Enzo and Klaudia (Monika) perform in a marketing event, selling a snazzy car and revealing the promotional footage, Enzo’s niece Ania suddenly goes into shock from eating food containing nuts — she has an allergy. Klaudia understands Ania’s condition because she teaches her at school, so she drops her double-life act, takes her wig off, walks off stage and makes sure Ania has the right medication to recover from the reaction. Enzo is surprisingly relaxed about it because he was struggling to choose between Klaudia and Monika anyway.

What happens next?

Because she’s revealed to be this rather intimate model, the school terminates her employment, which brings Monika to tears. However, Enzo and other parents organise a protest outside, pleading to the headmaster to allow Monika to keep her job. The headmaster sees the exam results of Monika’s class and realises that modelling did not get in the way of progress; in fact, her class had the best results in the district, so she keeps her job.

Enzo thanks Monika for saving Ania’ life and the film ends with the pair driving off in a car together — they share a cheeky kiss before they do. The Squared Love ending is a typical, romantic genre finale, giving the characters peace and happiness to please the audience.

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